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Aug 26 2019

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Welcome to Ireland Indiana

Ireland, Indiana looking west from the Water Tower.

In July 2017 this picture was taken using a drone and a smart phone operated by Matt Radecki from California. The picture shows the original Ireland water tank. You are looking west from the tank and up State Highway 56 at 8:30 pm EDT. The Ireland Fire Department building is in the center of the picture. Taking pictures by drones is certainly a part of the future of photography. Matt is in the film industry.

A site for historical information for the towns of Ireland and Portersville Indiana, Boone and Madison Townships in Dubois County, Indiana. This site is dedicated to those early pioneers who came from Scotland, Ireland and Germany to settle this area of America.

Come to Ireland, Indiana during St. Patrick’s Celebration, or any other time.

We have good food and hospitality all year long!

You’ll never know where you may see a Shamrock next!

The St. Patrick’s Day(s) Celebration (2019)will beheld again this year during St. Patrick’s weekend inMarch. Click on the St. Patrick’s Celebration on the left for details.

DON’T FORGET THE “HALF WAY TO ST. PAT’S DAYEVENT IS HELD IN SEPTEMBER–IRISH ROAD-BOWLING.This is an ancient event started in the County Armaugh in the country of Ireland, Ironically, the early settlers of Ireland, Indiana came from the same county. Last year 64 teams of 4 (256) individuals competed in the event. Go to St. Patrick’s Celebration on the left column to find out more.

Come to the Ireland Historical Society’s Museum and “Walls of History”!

Go to Ireland Historical Society for new details. Go to the gallery for modern picture.


For a pioneer wedding, we also have the Shiloh Meeting House(built in 1849)and The Lemmons Church (built in 1860).

Contact Delbert Himsel, Jr. to volunteer your services, information, photographs, etc.

This site had it’s beginning at the Shiloh Meeting House

and was later initialized on November 6. 2002. The first

publishing came a year later. The site will continue to

grow and have additional information added. The

information is to the best of the writers’ knowledge

and findings. Any constructive corrections or

additions are welcome.

Site migration and maintenance support donated by IdeaFusion Media

To help those who are searching for ancestors who may have been from the Dubois County area, the Dubois County Genealogical Society has many publications for sale that may help you. If you wish information on these publications please contact Rosie Stewart by email:

All rights reserved on the published materials of this website.

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