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Jan 14 2020

Adwords coupon

Adwords <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="coupon" href="">coupon</a>-Adwords <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="coupon" href="">coupon</a>
Adwords coupon-Google Adwords offering webmasters to try advertising by providing free adwords credits worth $100. Use promo code and started driving targeted traffic.

Webmasters: Get $100 Adwords Credit Free for Targeted Advertising

Written by Pavan Kumar on August 22, 2009

Today when I logged in to my Webmaster Tools account, there was one surprise waiting for. Google had sent a message that they are offering $100 free credit to try with their advertiser solution Adwords. As most of you know Adwords is a wonderful platform for advertisers to bring their website into light and popularize it instantly. This is the message I got on my webmaster panel on 18th August 2009:

Try Google AdWords with USD$100 in free advertising

Dear Site Owner, Thank you for using Webmaster Tools. While using these tools is a great way to be found on Google, many webmasters also use Google AdWords to increase traffic by promoting themselves to interested visitors and prospects. We want to offer you the opportunity to give AdWords a try with this USD$100 advertising coupon. What is AdWords? AdWords ads are relevant text ads that appear alongside or above the results in response to searches on Google. So, when someone searches for products, services or content that you offer, your ad could show up alongside or above the organic search results. So, with AdWords, you are promoting yourself to interested prospects right when they are searching for just what you offer.

Though this does not apply for each and every user of Webmaster Tools, but if you are lucky enough, you have $100 which you can turn to thousands if you are an internet marketer. Just login to Webmaster Tools accounts to see if you are one among the lucky webmasters to promote the site. If you have got the message with promotional coupon, don’t dealy, go to adwords and sign yourself up for an account. If you already use Google Adwords, don’t use this coupon with that as this coupon does not work on old accounts. The promo code they have provided should be used before 14 days of creating the account. Also important thing to note is that the promo code is not transferable and cannot be sold to anyone else. If you are the one who is offered with that, its only you who should use it. An initial activation fee is to be paid for adwords, but in this case, the same is deducted from what we have been offered in the promo code. Activation fee varies based on country and currency and you can check it here for your location. To grab this offer all you need to do is to sign up, edit billing preferences and add this promo code you got from webmaster tools and redeem. Here is the proof that I got the amount credited onto my account (All currencies in INR (48.7INR=1USD approx at the moment)).

Though I have redeemed the promo code and have got INR 4600 on my account, I still cannot run any campaign as they say my prepaid balance is exhausted.

As I am new to adwords, there is one more confusion if I really need to pay some amount to start up with or will it require 24 hours to process entirely.

If you too are new to adwords and have got this opportunity, don’t spend much on driving traffic to your blog, just learn it with few cents and concentrate more on driving some affiliate marketing traffic which can make you rich. Download and read some marketing e-books and learn things properly before spending some serious money over it.


Adwords coupon


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