Zkm latest gossip

Zkm latest gossip

#ZKM Zindagi ki Mahek 29th August 2017 Episode Written Updates! Shaurya is unconscious watch online hd video zee tv serial full ep show summary latest news wu.

#ZKM Zindagi ki Mahek 29th August 2017 Episode Written Updates! Shaurya is unconscious

#ZKM Zindagi ki Mahek 29th August 2017 Episode Written Updates! Shaurya is unconscious:- ZEE TV most delightful refreshing program, “Mahek” looks like an advance excellent show, which gives the increased voltage potential that increases to the Mahek supporters.

Mahek 29th August 2017 Written Update

The latest episode started with, Monitor looks close-by territories of court. Digvijay is there and scans for Mahek. Controller discovers Mahek’s telephone, Digvijay says Mahek was here. Nikki says to Ajay that let’s discover Mahek and end this phony M Khanna’s section. Svetlana parks auto outside her home. She down from auto and doesn’t realize that Mahek is stowing away in her bunk. Mahek opens bunk top. Goons bring Shaurya’s body out of the house, Mahek is upset to see it. Svetlana is strolling to the house, she slips and tumbles down, she recoils in agony and swings to tend her sprained foot, Mahek sees her face and is stunned to see that Svetlana is the criminal. Mahek supposes Svetlana was behind this? Kanta and Jeevan come to Digvijay and says where is Mahek? you got her abducted as well. Digvijay says I didnt request that her do all that however she sat in hijacker’s auto and ran with that individual. Kanta says you said you are following her, you dont know the amount Mahek cherishes Shaurya, she can put her life in peril for Shaurya. Ravi says please let us know whether we can help you, we cannot sit at home and we cannot look in Karona’s eyes. The controller comes there and says we became more acquainted with there is some action occurring in a house adjacent and there is an auto stopped inside as well. Goons lift Shaurya’s body and put his auto, Mahek is stowing away in the bunk of it. Mahek believes that I need to accomplish something else they will take my Shaurya away. Svetlana comes there with the box, she requests that goons pack Shaurya in this container and convey it to her goon who will take him to Nepal. Goon is going to place enclose trunk, however, Svetlana says there is essential stuff there, place confine rearward sitting arrangement, bring these packages with care to the goal and call me if something happens. Goons sit in auto, Shaurya is lying in the secondary lounge, Mahek is in the trunk, goon heads out. Goon stops auto at a dhabba during the evening. Mahek watches out from the trunk. One goon says to other that we ought to eat something here, that Shaurya is oblivious in auto, he will wake up in Nepal just, they go to eat. Mahek stealthily leaves auto. She watches out for goons. Mahek peers inside secondary lounge and sees Shaurya lying oblivious, Piya re piya plays. Mahek thumps on the window and cries seeing him tied, she shouts to him yet he is oblivious. Inside dhabba, goon orders wine for his gathering. Mahek takes a gander at the front seat of auto, she sees the window open, she tries to open the entryway, she continues attempting and opens it. Mahek opens indirect access and takes off the cover from Shaurya’s head, she sits next to him and embraces him crying and sobbing, oo re Piya plays. Mahek whispers I adore you.Inside dhabba, one goon says I cleared out my telephone in auto, other goon says that if madam calls then we are gone on the off chance that you dont get on time so bring it, goon goes to auto. In auto. Mahek requests that Shaurya wake up, she says see I am here. She discovers water container and sprinkles water all over yet he doesn’t move. She says how to remove him from here? Mahek drags Shaurya out of auto. Goon is drawing close to auto, he says how entryway is open? he takes out his blade and begins drawing close to auto. Mahek is endeavoring to haul shaurya out of auto before he can contact her. She sees him moving toward auto and considers in the event that he discovers me then everything will be done.


Zkm latest gossip


Zkm latest gossip

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