Jul 4 2017

Your Online Ticket to the Car Dealer Auctions #ppg #auto #paint

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about motobidia

We are an online car broker in the business of selling high-end cars directly to consumers at wholesale prices. We list cars to be sold at automobile dealer auctions otherwise closed to the general public. Our customers purchase cars from us at prices other car dealers pay to acquire their stock.

Unlike the automotive listing sites, which simply match buyers with sellers, we are the sole seller behind all of our listings and we stand behind every purchase made through our service. Although we are an online car broker, legally, we are no different than your neighborhood dealership. We are registered, licensed, bonded, insured, and governed by the used car dealership laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Dealer License #24 issued by the City of Somerville, MA). When you purchase a vehicle from us online, you will be provided the legal protection afforded by the Massachusetts Used Vehicle Warranty Law (M.G.L. c.90 В§7N Вј ), which is among the best in the country as far as consumer protection is concerned.

In contrast to the traditional car dealership, we don’t maintain inventory and don’t incur any of the holding costs associated with it. We don’t have an expensive marble floor display area, or commissioned sales staff. Our structure of an online car broker allows us to pass the incredible savings we realize on to you, the end consumer. We hand-pick the best late-model, high-end cars available on restricted-access auto auctions nationwide and bring them to you. Our virtual lot spans from coast to coast! We specialize in late models from Acura. Audi. BMW. Infiniti. Lexus. Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Visit our makes and models page for a full list of models we look for at the dealer auctions. If we don’t have the car you are looking for at the moment, save your search criteria as a Search Agent and we’ll notify you when we list it.

The physical location of the cars we list is not a factor. That’s why there is no proximity limitation on our search page. It gets even better – all cars we sell are delivered to our customers free of charge within the 48 contiguous states. If you buy your next car from us, we’ll deliver it to your door for free even if that means a 3,500-mile cross-country trip from Key West, FL to Seattle, WA.

We have made every effort to take the hassles out of buying a car. All of the cars we list for sale are still under full factory warranty. Some even come with free maintenance for the remainder of the warranty period. We provide our customers with an array of outside resources to help them make well-informed buying decisions. There is no haggling over pricing and no shipping charges. You bid on the car of your choice in an online auction environment against other registered users of our site. If we acquire the car on your behalf, we’ll never ask you for another dime over and above your winning bid. Actually, we’ll even send some cash back your way – $100 towards detailing your prized possession upon arrival and $100 for every customer you refer to us.

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