May 19 2017

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I am really sad to see the bad reviews and hope that people will give World Travel another chance.  Our family has been going to them for the past almost 8 years.  They have always been professional and eager to find cheaper tickets for us.  Everytime we give them our travel plans, they will tell us honestly when would be cheaper and what flight would be best.  4 years ago, I had booked 2 tickets to China for my bf and myself.  2 months prior to our set date, my grandma passed away.  I called them in the middle of the night asking for a change in my flight and they got back to me early in the AM.  There was a small increase in the flight since I was going in the middle of summer instead of fall but they made up for it by rushing our Visa and preparing everything for us!  They are great people and they truely do care.

horrible, awful.  Joe gave me a price on Friday for international travel, told me the price was good for 3 days.  I called him Friday evening, to purchase the tickets and to give him the exact names on the passport.  He told me just send him an email.  Had to follow up with him myself on Monday.  He didn t bother.

Then he tells me that the tickets are now much more, because the airlines increased the prices over the weekend.   For the 3 of us, that s over $1000 increase total.

I am incredibly pissed off.  He guaranteed the price for 3 days, that s apparently a lie.  If they were a reputable business, they should stick to his words, and the original price.  I could have bought the tickets Friday from another agency, he quoted me the better price Friday, compared to the other agency.

A good, honest, reputable business would stick to their words.  They are either total liars or just have no clue what the airlines were doing.  The other agency told me their prices were only good through midnight Friday.   Either way, this could happen to you too.

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