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Aug 21 2019

Working at Vangent, Inc, Careers, vangent careers.#Vangent #careers

Vangent, Inc. Careers | Working at Vangent, Inc.

Vangent careers

Vangent, Inc.

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Vangent careers

Vangent, Inc. Company Culture

About the Company

Founded: 1953

Employees: 5001-10000

Follow us on Twitter: @Vangent_Inc As a leading global provider of information management and strategic business process services, we serve the Federal government, as well as commercial, education, and healthcare organizations. Our integrated serv ce offerings span the areas of consulting, systems integration, human capital management, and strategic business process services. We have offices throughout the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

Vangent careers

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Common Employee Personas at Vangent, Inc.

A mogul in the making, Go-Getters live life at high velocity and can handle an intense workload, all while still looking good. Energetic and dynamic, they intend to leave their mark on the world.

Intellectually curious and driven by strong morals, Idealists are passionate about doing the right thing. Like the world’s most flattering mirror, they always see the best in others.

Highly curious and creative, Inventors approach problems as exciting intellectual puzzles. They enjoy working independently and perform best when given free range to explore issues.

Vangent, Inc. Employees

Vangent careers

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