Apr 12 2018

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Woah – looks like your managers and co-workers are really invested in your company’s culture! Why not contribute and help improve accuracy by answering a few questions?

Good careers

Good Co Company Culture

Intergalactic Explorers – Collaborative

Extremely creative, forward-thinking, and social, the Intergalactic Explorers shoot for the stars and beyond to take the final frontier with gusto. Swapping happy hour for training seminars, the Intergalactic Explorers offer a varied and stimulating ork environment in which opportunities for growth and involvement are vast. In return, employees are expected to show initiative, work independently, and keep up – otherwise, they might just get sent back to Space Camp. To ensure that none of their blue-sky thinkers and space cadets gets out of hand, the Intergalactic Explorers impose a firmly structured employment hierarchy and clear sets of rules each employee is expected to comply with. This branch of the Intergalactic Explorers prides themselves on creating a balanced and relaxed work environment in which collaboration, employee satisfaction, and social aspects of work are prioritized without compromising (too much) on work quality and orderliness. Still, employees are first and foremost expected to be good team players.

About the Company

Founded: 2012

Employees: 11-50

Find yourself in good company! Good Co is a discovery network for those seeking greater meaning in their careers. We have decoded the science behind workplace happiness and created a fun, engaging, and inherently viral solution to help people thrive n their jobs. Good Co enables individuals to discover their strengths, facilitates better job matches for candidates and employers, and ultimately enables companies to create positive workplace cultures with happy employees.

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