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Nov 3 2017

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Vagina Hair Removal

It was only a few years ago that vagina hair removal, otherwise known as Brazilian hair removal, was only possible through waxing or shaving.

Previously, this type of female genital hair removal often led to burns, allergic reactions, rashes and ingrown hairs.

Now, vagina hair, removal is quick and easy with the newest laser technology. Laser eliminated vagina hair, and the possibility of ingrowns and regrowth, in just a few minutes per session.

Laser By Sia has appointments available with our female laser hair removal specialists, at a convenient time to suit. So if you’re interested in laser hair removal on the vagina also known as Brazilian hair removal book a session at Laser By Sia!

How long does vagina hair removal take and is it expensive?

Removing vagina hair only takes around 10 minutes for full Brazilian treatment, and about five minutes to clean up your bikini line. It s highly affordable, click here for price lists .

How many vagina hair removal sessions will I need?

The number of treatments will be decided by your therapist and does depend on different factors, like hair colour. You will likely need a few sessions to feel smooth, hygienic and sexy all year round!

How does laser hair removal actually remove the hair?

Photothermolysis is what makes Laser By Sia’s treatments the most effective vagina hair removal technique available. This technology converts light to heat, and the heat attacks the hair follicle.

Does your laser hair removal work any place else?

Laser hair removal is not just used to remove vagina hair, laser also works on the face, arms, legs, back, chest and even on the knuckles, nose and in the ears.

Will vagina hair removal hurt?

Many of our clients say laser hurts less than a wax. Our lasers are the latest international technology, which makes them equipped with dynamic cooling. You will feel a moment of heat and there may be a mild redness that will be gone within a couple of hours.

We are fast, discreet and known in the industry as the best in permanent Brazilian, or vagina, hair removal. So why not ask us about female genital hair removal? Contact Laser Hair Removal By Sia now.

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