Nov 6 2017

Women s car insurance. #truck #insurance

#women car insurance

Women’s car insurance

In December 2012 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that insurers were no longer allowed to take gender into account when setting insurance premiums.

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How has car insurance changed for women?

In the past, women had been quoted cheaper car insurance prices, due to statistics that say men have a higher accident rate and make more costly claims.

The European Union (EU) felt that basing insurance premiums on gender didn’t comply with gender equality legislation and therefore decided to change the rules.

The EU gender ruling also affected other types of insurance policies such as life insurance.

Before the EU gender ruling

Before the rules changed in 2012, carried out research to determine how the new regulations might affect both men and women.

Prior to the change, women’s car insurance premiums were generally lower than their male counterparts because they are statistically safer behind the wheel.

Instead of lowering the price of insurance for men, the government estimated that women’s car insurance prices could rise by up to 24%, hitting 17 – 25 year old’s the hardest.

You can find out more about our predictions and how it might have affected life insurance and annuities premiums by looking at our fact sheet

Car insurance price index

Women and men with the same statistics should now receive the same car insurance quote but there are other factors that are taken into consideration by insurance companies.

Even with the new legislation in place there is still a difference between the average comprehensive premium for men and women which can be seen in our recent car insurance price index results.

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Women’s car insurance today

Insurance prices have risen for females over the last few years but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a reasonable price. You can still be rewarded for being a careful driver.

Factors such as your no claims discount, driving experience, age, postcode region and occupation could still work in your favour when it comes to getting a quote.

The car you drive could also play a part, if you don’t want a high insurance premium consider driving a car with a smaller engine or increasing your voluntary excess.

Don’t forget, brands like Diamond and Sheila’s Wheels have been designed with women in mind and offer some great benefits such as handbag cover if it’s stolen from your vehicle.

Shop around for your car insurance to find a cheap quote, we compare a number of top UK brands to help you get a good deal – click below to start a new quote.

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