Sep 13 2017

Windows Data Recovery Software restore multimedia data files image #windows # #recovery #files


Recover all types of corrupted, damaged or lost data files, images and videos

Data Recovery Software restores all types of accidentally deleted and lost data files, text files, pictures, images, audios, videos and other multimedia files from fixed as well as removable data storage devices. Windows data recovery software retrieves corrupted files from digital camera, memory card, sim card, pen drive and hard drive.

Data Recovery Software

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Solution to restore deleted, erased or lost text files as well as multimedia files from Mac digital storage devices

Mac Data Recovery Software restore lost images, videos, text files, movies and other crucial document from Mac Installed system. Recover your corrupted or damaged important documents from mobile phone, pen drive and removable media connected via MAC.

Mac Data Recovery Software

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Design and print multiple barcodes simultaneously along with different barcode value and text.

Barcode maker software is used for producing barcode labels, tags and coupons for healthcare industry, Manufacturing Industry, Distribution Industry, Post Office and Banks barcode labeling needs.

Barcode Maker Software

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Design and print all types of cards and labels including ID cards, greeting card, birthday card etc.

Card Maker Software creates variety of cards and labels such as student ID cards, visitor Gate Pass, business cards, logo, wedding cards and other types of cards according to your requirement. Cards Designing Software has flexible print-settings to print designed cards.

Card Maker Software

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Retrieve your forgotten passwords of different application using our Password Recovery Software

Password Recovery Software is useful to restore lost or forgotten passwords of email clients, chat client and FTP Clients & Servers applications including Trillian Messenger, MS Outlook, Pegasus Mail, FTP Rush, Free download Manager, SmartFTP, Fling File Transfer, ALFTP and many more.

Password Recovery Software

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Convert selected or entire database record from one format to another

Database Converter Software converts data base records from one kind of database to another including Microsoft SQL database records into MySQL, MySQL database table records into MS SQL and MS Access to MySQL server while maintaining data integrity.

Database Converter Software

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Manages company accounting records

Business Tools maintain company’s accounting details including inventory details, billing, sales/purchase details and stocks records etc. all at a single place in computerized format with easy data accessing facility.

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Create EXE setup installation files from existing MSI files

Setup Creator converts Microsoft Windows installer setup files into self executable exe file format and generates self executable exe file setups for easy storage and deployment to end users.

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Send bulk sms to group of mobile phone users without any internet connection

Bulk SMS Software broadcasts and delivers large number of messages to an individual or a group all around the world using GSM, android technology based mobile phone without any internet connection. Send messages using USB modem and GSM multi device with delayed delivery, exclusion list and skip duplicate number entry options.

Bulk SMS Software

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System Utilities includes following software:

Website Monitoring Tool to track performance of websites.

Key logger Software to monitor PC activities in your absence.

Mobile and PDA Utilities for investigation purpose.

Chat Software for online communication.

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