Apr 27 2017

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We have designed this site to provide comprehensive information about Whidbey Island and all Island County Homes for Sale. Please take advantage of the wealth of resources provided on our site. Search Whidbey Island Property for sale, view our Everything Whidbey Page for local information such as maps, community events, schools, churches, attractions, restaurants, government, transportation, NAS Whidbey Island and Coupeville, Washington Real Estate.

Are you in search of just the right home or property in the Whidbey Island Real Estate Area? Take advantage of our comprehensive and easy-to-use property search tools. See maps, photos, satellite imagery, and more. Simply contact us when you’ve found a property that peaks your interest. our expert knowledge can get you into the home you’ve been dreaming of soon!

Remember, we can help you choose the right home or property for your needs. We would welcome the opportunity to help guide you in your home buying process so that you can make an informed real estate decision in the Whidbey Island Real Estate market. We pride ourselves on being able to give all our clients important local information based on years of living and enjoying all that Whidbey Island and NAS Whidbey Island area have to offer.

We can sell you any property listed in the area, including but not limited to: Whidbey and Camano Islands, the San Juan Islands, Northwest Washington and the Olympic Peninsula.

Are you are considering selling your home or property?

We can help price and put your asset on the market for a quick sale. If you’d like to find out the value of your home or property, go to our “Get Your Home’s Value” page and submit a market analysis request. This is a free service provided by Coldwell Banker Koetje Real Estate.

Whidbey Island lies partially in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains to the west, and boasts a variety of climates. The most obvious are based on rainfall- wettest in the south with average rainfall of 30 inches making some of the most beautiful trees and flowers. The driest in the central district of Coupeville with average rainfall of 18 to 20 inches, and turning moister again farther north with average rainfall of 26 inches. This variation in precipitation created by the rain shadow of the northern peaks of the Olympic Mountains can often be observed in person by traveling from grey cloudy weather on the Western shore to pouring drizzle on the Eastern shore. Microclimates abound, determined by proximity to water, elevation and prevailing winds. Additional variation comes from soil type. The sandy clay and gravely soils of the south give way to dramatically rocky areas at the north end.

  • The result is that plant life also varies from one end of the island to the other. The vegetation in the south is more similar to that of the mainland. The principal trees are douglas-firs, red alders, bigleaf maples, western redcedar, and western hemlocks. Vine maples are notably absent, except where they have been planted. Other under-story plants are not too surprising, including the Evergreen Huckleberry, lower longleaf Oregon- grape, red elderberries, salal, oceanspray, and nettles. Non-native introduced plants such as foxgloves, ivies and hollies are also evident.

In the rocky Deception Pass region, the most remarkable differences begin. From here through the San Juan and Gulf Islands and lower Vancouver Island, picturesque gnarled Rocky Mountain junipers grow near the shores. Douglas maples, with their greater sun and drought tolerance fill the vine-maple void. Wildflowers such as Camassia, checker lilies, and Indian paintbrush color the earth. These unusual survivors are more commonly associated with Eastern Washington and the Rocky Mountain region.

Whidbey Island communities are quaint little tourist towns. Many of the Island’s residents are employed by a variety of companies offering travel choices from quality lodging accommodations and gourmet dining to unique art galleries and gifts, antiques, wineries, watch-able wildlife, sustainable villages and hamlets, historical sites and recreational adventures for all seasons. Summers on the island are filled with Drive In Movies, Boat Tours and Kayaking.

Whether you are coming for the day, would like to make your summer, or even your permanent home here, trust Whidbey Island Real Estate

Whidbey Island Homes for sale are one of the most outstanding, yet hidden treasures in Washington state. It has been hailed as the heart of the Puget Sound and the Spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Nestled between the Olympic mountains and the 1-5 corridor of western Washington, Whidbey Island is located about 30 miles north of Seattle and boasts some of the most unique lodgings, stunning wildlife, and distinguished wineries on the west coast. Summers on the island are filled with Drive In Movies, Boat Tours and Kayaking, but there is always something to do in any season.

It is a wonderful place to visit, but for those that prefer that slower paced lifestyle year round, there is no better choice than Coldwell Banker Koetje Real Estate for any home or property buying needs. If you need to sell or buy a home, lot or property anywhere in Island County, trust Coldwell Banker Koetje Real Estate to provide excellent real estate services. We are Whidbey Island’s Realtors of Choice.

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