Nov 25 2016

What is the average commission fee for the real estate agent when you sell the home? Both the listing and the buyer – s agent? Trulia Voices #real #estate #coaching

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What is the average commission fee for the real estate agent when you sell the home? Both the listing and the buyer s agent?




Perhaps the best way to find out in this situation is to interview a few agents and ask them about commission they will charge you. Commissions are negotiable. You can make up a sliding scale commission structure if you could find a willing agent to work with you. More money in the agents pocket and more money in your pocket for getting a higher price for your property sold. Salespeople may be more limited by their brokers than a broker if you work directly with them. Everyone is different yet similar. Perhaps another item to check would be the marketing involved that each person you interview actually does. You can do this by checking one of their current listings to verify. The goal is to get your home sold and put as much money in your pocket. Keep in mind a couple of things. It s your money and you are the boss, and Its how much you pay someone to give them incentive to try hard. You may find you get what you pay for if you hire properly. Think of it as hiring an employee. How long have they been doing this? Schooling? are they a broker or just a salesperson? do they have special training and designations?

Do they market your property? Do they offer a guarantee?

You have to get your property sold along with how much you will pay. Not all homes sell.

Many expire, Many cancel, Many fall out of escrow, Many listing agents don t even answer their phones.

Then there is the showings. Is there easy access? Or do they have to jump through hoops. that are on fire to to get inside to see the property?

Then the property. is someone going to want to buy it? does it have neutral colors? is it truly move in ready needing nothing? no paint no carpet no termite work etc?

How fast do you need to sell? Time is money. Do you expect your property to sell on listing day open house like you see on TV? Or do you expect it may take some time as you want to max out what you can get for the property.

Do you want or expect the agent to represent you and the buyer? ( dual agency )

Do you want the option to get out of the contract easily if for some realistic reason you feel your agent is not doing their job? ( Once you sign will you be locked in for 6 months or a year?)

Everything is a factor.

I am not in your area so this in no way is a solicitation. Just trying to get you on board with some things to consider. It isn t all about the dollar, there is a lot to consider.

Just remember, the agent gets paid when the property closes escrow and not until then.

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