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Aug 28 2019

What is Level Term Insurance? (with pictures) – mobile wiseGEEK, level term life insurance policy.

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wiseGEEK: What is Level Term Insurance?

Level term insurance is a type of life insurance that provides consistent coverage over a specified amount of time. The face value of a level term policy remains the same for the duration of the period selected. Life insurance terms can range from as little as one year to 30 years or more, but most commonly, level term coverage lasts for 10, 15, or 20 years. It provides temporary protection and does not build cash value.

Many level term policies are sold with guaranteed premiums that never increase during the coverage period. Some don’t provide premium-rate guarantees, however, and the insurance company can raise the premium during the specified term of coverage. Premium increases are intended to account for the rising probability of the insured’s death in any given year.

The premium amount charged for a level term insurance policy will vary, depending upon the particular insurance company and the applicant’s unique circumstances. Certain lifestyle choices, health conditions, and occupations may cause the insured to be charged higher rates, and in some cases, insurance applications may be rejected because of health problems or other risk factors. There are some insurance companies willing to insure higher-risk applicants, however.

Typically, level term insurance premiums are lower than those of permanent insurance policies. The length of the coverage term directly influences the premium charged, with higher premiums generally charged with longer terms. This type of insurance is usually less costly than annual renewable term policies, however, even for longer coverage periods.

The amount of insurance an individual needs depends on many factors, including his or her estimated funeral costs, debts, and the long-term needs of any dependents. If the insured is married with children, his or her coverage needs are likely to be higher than those of an unmarried person with no dependents. Generally speaking, however, a life insurance policy should cover at least six to ten times the insured’s yearly income.

To apply for level term insurance, an individual typically needs to complete an application and provide answers to pertinent questions. Often, these questions are of a personal, medical nature, and a medical examination is often required as well.

Usually conducted by a licensed medical professional, this examination is intended to assess the applicant’s health and assist the insurance company in determining the level of risk inherent in insuring the individual. Furthermore, blood and urine tests are also frequently required when applying. Some companies offer level term policies without requiring a medical exam, but a cap is usually placed on the amount of coverage provided and premiums are higher without an exam.

Article Discussion

3) Mutsy-Term insurance rates are better than universal or whole life policies in which you are offer a cashable value to your policy.

Usually these whole life policies require payments of $500 to $600 per month for the life of the policy. If you were to invest that amount over a twenty year period you would have substantial amounts of money and do not have to have the restrictions of the cash policy. Insurance agents make substantial commissions on these policies which is why they tend to push them on people.

I think that insurance should be used for preventative measures and not for investing. Investment vehicles such as mutual funds offer a better return and let you be in control of the investment rather than an insurance company.

2) Bhutan-There are lots of places that offer level term life insurance quotes. Select Quote is a site that offers the best term insurance for you.

You simply give them some minor information and they will send you the listings of all of the insurance companies along with their rates. You can compare the rates yourself to see if which company you want to pursue.

1) The level term life insurance is among the most cost effective life insurance premiums. Term level life insurance is a policy that you buy for a specific term or a specific time period from 10 to 30 years.

The level term insurance rates stay the same throughout the entire term and do not increase. The term insurance rates are also low.

A typical healthy 35 year old male can purchase a $1,000,000 term policy for about twenty years for about $75 to $100 a month.

Unlike whole life insurance or universal life insurance policies, there is no cash value to this policy and the pay off is only in the event of the death of the person insured.


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