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Aug 23 2017

What are the monthly financial obligations of a Realtor #real #estate #coaching

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What Are The Monthly Expenses Of A Realtor?

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August 1, 2011 May 20, 2015

Q: Hi. I just wanted to know, what and how much are the financial obligations of a Realtor agent monthly regardless of whether or not he or she makes a sale.

Tiki, Tampa

A: Here s an example I use for prospective candidates looking forward to joining Keller Williams Realty. Keep in mind that these expenses can vary greatly from company to company and from office to office.

To start your real estate business, you will need to invest $1,500-2,000 in start-up costs and $1,500/year or slightly more on-going after the 1st year. This assumes that you do not have any listings and that you are not expending additional marketing funds to sell them.

For start-up expect to spend (approximately): (note: expenses vary from location to location)

Required Expenses (approximate) (for all real estate brokerages)

$200-$500 to take courses required for license

$25 application for State Exam

$56 for fingerprinting

$125-$145 for your State License

$200-500/year for Local Board of Realtors membership

$150-350/year for Multiple Listing Service membership

$150/year Lockbox Key (to get you into homes)


Additional Business Expenses (approximate)

$50-$100/month Office Cubicle Rental (Optional)

$100-$150 Larger semi-private Office Cubicle (Optional)

$250-Up Private Office (Optional)

$20/mo Consortium Tech fee (for your own Web Site Email)

$50. Business cards (Optional)

Free to you are conference rooms, incoming and outgoing faxes, daily use of office work stations, WINFORMS, the MLS on computer workstations, and local telephone calls.

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