Jul 14 2017

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Land Investment Brokerage Uruguay

Farmland Uruguay is a land investment brokerage firm in Uruguay, South America. Our aim is to make farmland transactions transparent and competitive in the interest of investors. A field trip to Uruguay will give you a very good indication of farmland potential.

As international farmland prices are approaching comparable values worldwide, factors such as climate, distances and logistics become determinant. Uruguay as a relatively small country offers some comparative advantages that are difficult to match. Climate is favorable for agriculture with sufficient rainfall, on average warm summers and moderate winters. Distances to port and silo are in Uruguay in general within 200 km range and have a maximum of 500 km. Besides that Uruguay has adopted measures for example related to traceability of cattle and soil management plans that allow a sustainable growth. Uruguay offers investors high quality farming opportunities with growth potential.

Political stability, legal certainty, financial safety and market transparency are other reasons why international farmland investors prefer Uruguay. There are no limitations or restrictions to foreigners buying farmland in Uruguay.

Farms and Ranches for Sale in Uruguay

The farms for sale on display on this website are intended to give an indication of available properties, but don´t constitute an exhaustive overview of the farms we are able to offer you. Prices and availability of properties were verified as of November 1, 2015. All prices are in US dollar. See some selected properties on YouTube .

We publish objective news items about farmland price developments, farm rental income and other relevant issues to help international clients carry out preliminary research regarding the potential of farmland investments in Uruguay. Ask for the 2014 transaction list with prices of all land transactions  carried out last year.

Farmland Uruguay

We are a land investment firm that aims at successful brokerage between landowners in Uruguay and international investors. We provide investment advice and assist with land sourcing, including the purchase of farmland or prime rural homes.

If required we stay on as country estate manager on behalf of the investor. In general this includes the lease of the land or the contracting of a farm management company on behalf of the investor. It can also include financial and fiscal reporting and monitoring of overall operations.

We charge a single fee including the entire process of advice, selection, purchase and setting up the management of the rural property. If estate management is required this will be compensated separately.

For more info about who we are, where we are and what we do, you can watch the video in the company section.

Farmland Investments Uruguay

The introduction video below shows you Uruguay, its farmland and the people.

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