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subbiah 10/09/2015 00:06 AM

Reference to Policy number – 4030/W-369655/00/000 – I have taken an overseas travel policy in Chennai for a travel to US for 6 months. Based on the policy’s refund procedure, I am eligible for a refund of the unused portion (3+ months) because of my returning back to India.

I am a senior citizen, and I had to talk more than 6 times, and Email more than 8 times with the customer service of ICICI Lombard, in vain, and till date I have not received the refund, even after escalating the details to the grievance people as advertised in their website (Three names are mentioned), however, they do not even have professional ethics to respond to customer query.

I am old enough to raise this battle legally, and with such a pathetic customer service, I would strongly not recommened anyone to take any of ICICI Lombard’s policies. In case of any requirements as to details of this case, I would be happy to provide.

I have paid around Rs.19000 in terms of premium amount, on which, almost half of the amount is eligible for refund for non-usage, as per the policy terms. There are no claims or whatsoever against the policy, however, I am getting same responses on different dates from a customer service professional – Pankaj Chettri, that I have claimed an amount of Rs.300USD! (same as in his mail) If this is the case, ICICI should be paying me this money back! However, this cannot happen, as there was no such claim. I am getting a sense that ICICI enters in fradulent transactions similar to what I have quoted above, and probably, some bigger fish is yet unrevealed.

If you want to waste your money, energy and time, get disrepected and cheated, you have to knock at ICICI Lombard for a policy.

Subbiah, Overseas Travel Policy Holder of ICICI Lombard (Oct 16 – Jan 20)

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