Jul 11 2017

Vietnam Travel – Vietnam Tours for Vietnam Veteransl #travel #guru

#travel vietnam

TOP vet looks out at ancient Cham Tower in Qui Nhon.

TOP Vietnam Veterans participants see the cities and the villages. They travel through the jungles, mountains, and beautiful coastal country.

We include a vast array of historical, cultural, and natural sites. The Tours of Peace are full of first-hand experiences that enable each member to come back feeling like they know the people, the land, and the culture, in a way they never could before.

Our travelers meet former NVA soldiers and Vietnamese veterans, as well as young children in orphanages. Vietnam is full of contrasts, and on a Tour Of Peace, you see it all.

Tour accommodations are comfortable and safe. We have a fluent guide and interpreter. In Vietnam, we usually travel by bus with a professional driver, and fly the modern jet fleet of Vietnam Airlines.

Advanced trips may sleep in villages.

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