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Honest John s best second-hand diesels

7:26PM BST 20 Aug 2015

Mazda6 Skyactiv Diesel Tourer (2013 onwards)

New from £23,000/used from around £15,000

The Mazda6 may not be a BMW, an Audi or a Mercedes, but it has the styling, quality and engineering that lifts it up a class. All Mazda6 Skyactiv diesels meet Euro 6 emissions regulations, and you ll get about 55 miles per gallon from the manuals. If you re looking for a similar-sized car but have a bit more money to spend, then the next car may be for you

New from £31,000/used from around £22,500

The smallest Mercedes that still carries the kudos of a big one is the new C200 CDI. This latest C-class first hit the roads last year. So, while you see plenty on the road, you don t see many coming up used. The smart choice is the C200 CDI, with a 1.6-litre engine that uses Formula One technology to get the most out of the fuel with the lowest emissions. If you re looking for an even sportier diesel, look no further than the next car

New from £36,000/used from around £20,000

There s a new XF coming out soon, so the current car is becoming very sensibly priced. You can pick one up for £20,000 for the 2.2-litre model. It really is lovely inside. There s still a bit of theatre when you start the engine and three different driving modes to suit your mood.

New from £60,000/used from around £45,000

The Audi A8 3.0-litre V6 TDI is the flagship of the Audi range. Stunning looks, advanced technology, effortless performance and yet, impressive economy. A used model may be from Audi s prestige fleet, used to ferry stars to film premieres. It has Quattro four-wheel drive which makes it safe, and a bulletproof 3.0-litre TDI engine with 260PS (256hp) of power, but which can still give more than 40 miles to the gallon.

New from £62,000/used from around £45,000

If you have a large family or tow a caravan, you may need something bigger. The Mercedes-Benz GLS 350 CDI is enormous outside, but has plenty of room for everyone and their luggage inside. New, they start at £62,000 but you can get a two year-old model for £45,000.

Diesel second hand cars

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