Sep 20 2016

Verizon Auto Share: Car Sharing Technology

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Auto Share

Make virtually every place the right place to rent cars and go.

Give your customers the opportunity to rent or share vehicles using an innovative car-sharing technology that runs as an application on any smartphone or tablet—freeing your customers from the hassle of purchasing, leasing and storing a vehicle or performing ongoing maintenance.

Verizon Auto Share allows consumers to find nearby vehicles as needed, use them, return them, and walk away without any further commitment. This is a revolutionary approach for car-sharing and rental companies—and it also creates new opportunities for auto dealerships and corporate, private, and municipal fleets. Our peer-to-peer car rental solution provides a simple, secure, and integrated self-service end-user customer experience.

In addition to transforming the rental experience using Verizon Cloud solutions, Auto Share car-sharing technology offers significant savings for companies, with cost-effective in-vehicle hardware and mobile applications, powered by Verizon on America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

With Verizon Auto Share car-sharing technology, you can:

  • Offer customers streamlined rental experiences, virtually anywhere in the U.S. and anytime.
  • Control expenses—with no need for on-site customer service representatives.
  • Increase revenue by showing your customers what vehicles are available within their immediate area.
  • Grow business by expanding into lucrative vehicle-sharing and rental markets.
  • Drive efficiencies and new opportunities in increasingly mobile and urban environments.

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