Aug 11 2017

Value of Used Wheelchair Accessible Vans: Vantage Mobility International, Inc. #repo #cars

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Value of Used Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Quite often, I am asked to help customers evaluate what their used wheelchair van is worth.  Unfortunately there is no Kelly Blue Book in our industry for mobility transportation solutions.  But, there are a lot of resources out there that can get you some good estimates as to what your wheelchair van may be worth.  Just like with any vehicle, you can either sell it on your own or try selling it to a mobility equipment dealer ; obviously both have trade-offs.

I would first start with doing some research online to get some estimates for the value of your van.  Disabled Dealer is a great resource since many used wheelchair vans are sold through this magazine.  I would also search Craig’s list and eBay as well.  Lastly, type in words like “used wheelchair van ” into Google or any search engine and see what is out there for used vans and what price they are selling.  This should give you a good idea as to what other vans have sold for, what condition they are in, etc.

Secondly, I would take the van to your local mobility equipment dealer and have them estimate the value of the wheelchair van.  Since their entire business is based around selling wheelchair vans, they are probably your best resource.  The local dealer may also be interested in buying your wheelchair van which will help you by not having to do that on your own.  They obviously will probably offer you less than if you sold it on your own, no different than with a regular (not wheelchair accessible) used car.

To locate Mobility Equipment Dealers in your area, go to or call them directly at 866.948.8341.

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