Aug 6 2017

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Your Path to a Career in Real Estate

Train Online for your Real Estate Licensure

Benefits of Online Courses

Online real estate learning presents a number of advantages to students. Convenience is perhaps the most prominent. Anyone who’s ever tried to fit regular brick and mortar classes into daily life will likely appreciate the ease of access offered through Salt Lake City real estate courses. Another benefit is the fact that you can choose which delivery method is right for you, whether you’d prefer to utilize a PC, iPhone, tablet, Android phone, or other device. You can complete your training with ease at home or on-the-go, and obtain your Utah real estate license at your own pace.

Begin Today!

Would you like to learn how to get your Utah real estate license? We at the Institute of Real Estate Education can help you reach your educational and career goals. Earning Utah real estate licensing requires 120 hours of approved education. The Institute of Real Estate Education offers an array of Internet real estate courses designed to fit even the busiest of schedules. You’ll have the opportunity to complete your online real estate classes, complete your training, schedule and prepare for your exam, and pass on your first attempt.

Your Preferred Learning Method

At the Institute of Real Estate Education, we work hard to help our students succeed. While presenting the material, our teachers utilize a variety of methods to promote information retention. Whether you’re a visual, auditory, or tactile learner, you can feel confident in your ability to absorb the material presented through our online real estate education courses. So whether you’re interested in Utah real estate broker classes or real estate classes online, we’ll gladly assist you with the enrollment process.

Diverse Programs

As a Utah real estate license school, we’re committed to providing aspiring agents with the information they need via interesting, affordable online real estate programs. We also offer continuing education for licensed agents. Whether you’re interested in taking a 3 hour course focusing on property management laws, a 12 hour course for new agents, or an 18 hour continuing education package, we offer an array of programs to suit your preferences.


I am in the business of creating courses online, and this course is the best I have ever seen. -Jared H.

  • I have been in real estate for many years. Your course is the best I have ever taken. I experienced no frustration. I will recommend you to everyone I talk to. -Eva F.

  • I loved your course. I especially appreciated the audio so that I could listen to the course, it made it so much better for me. I enjoyed the learning exercises as well, I felt that they were very beneficial. Richard G.

  • I think you have done a great job with your online training. -Craig C.

  • I have completed multiple online courses throughout my real estate career and I must say this was the most thought out program. I will be using you for CE. -Chad C.

  • I just recently completed two different CE courses with you; Thank you; you’re classes are very informative. -Brian P.

  • This course was head and shoulders above any of the others I have taken, [the other big real estate schools in Utah] in particular. I have nothing but praise and would highly recommend the course to anyone who asked. -Joseph S.

  • I passed the test! Your course was great. Your practice exams really prepared me to pass the exam. -Marcos D.

  • Thank you for this class. It has been the best class I have taken so far in several states. -Brenda A.

  • I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your program. I signed up for your program on January 5th and yesterday I passed my test. After the test I pondered on the things that I had learned. I feel like it really prepared me for the test. I would highly recommend your program to anyone. -Debbie

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