Sep 12 2017

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I’m moving to Utah. Can I just transfer my PE license or use my PE license until I get a Utah license?

No. You may not practice independently until you are licensed by the state of Utah. The state does not grant temporary licenses for the practice of engineering or land surveying.

How do I obtain a seal?

You are required to have a stamp made. The seal design is found in R156-22-601. and any manufacturer of your choice can make the stamp.

What does the seal look like?

Please refer to R156-22-601 for a description of the seal design.

Do I have to register the seal with you?

Why does the person verifying my experience have to seal the form?

The verification form must be signed and sealed by a PE in a recognized jurisdiction. This requirement gives the state a degree of assurance that the experience being claimed is experience of a quality that resulted in the applicant obtaining or assimilating engineering experiences that ultimately would lead to a professional practice that does not endanger the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the state.

How many verification of experience forms do I need?

One for each work engagement. A work engagement is typically a period of time working for one employer. Some applicants have only one work engagement while others may have six or more.

Do the verification of experience forms need to be in a sealed envelope and sent directly to you?

No. Verification forms should be sent to the applicant to be included with the application when it is submitted to DOPL.

How soon after I have started my practice in Utah do I need to have the license?

In order to engage in the practice of engineering in the state of Utah, you are required to have a Utah license. Therefore, if you intend to practice engineering in Utah, you must plan accordingly and submit an application well before you intend to practice.

If I choose to withdraw my application for any reason, will you refund the fees I paid?

No. Fees submitted with an application are processing fees and are not refundable.

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