Jun 25 2017

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Used SUV For Sale By Owner

Q. Where can I see SUVs for sale by owner, NOT from dealerships?

A. While it s tough to single out private owner for-sale SUV listings from those of dealers, the 7 links below are a good start on your search:

1. Auto Trader Over 16,000 listings of used SUVs for sale from private owners here. You ll want to narrow the selection obviously click through and hit the Modify search button to select your zip code, price range, mileage, etc. of SUV you might want to buy. (

2. Almost 7,000 listings of used SUVs being sold by owners at this classifieds site. Narrow the selection by location, year, make, mileage, price, etc. to find what you want. (

3. eBay Motors Almost 1000 listings of SUVs for sale from private owners here. Narrow the list by year, make, model, location, mileage, price, etc. (

4. Over 1000 used SUVs being sold by owners nationwide listed here. You can narrow the selection by zip code and other criteria. (

5. Over 3,000 listings of used SUVs for sale by owner at this site that brings together classified ads from across the Internet. Unfortunately we noticed that some dealer ads snuck in here, too. You can narrow by make, price, location, etc. (

6. Craigslist This link actually will only show you used SUV listings from private owners on the Dallas Craigslist site, but if you don t live near Dallas, all you have to do is find the Craigslist site for your area and go to the Cars Trucks section and choose the by-owner option to find used SUVs and other vehicles being sold by private owners in your area. (

7. Limited number of by-owner SUVs listed here. When you click through you ll see listings within 200 miles of the Chicago area; change the zip code to see those close to your location.

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