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Used Cars For Sale – Online Buying Guide For Used Automobiles in 2012 #junkyard #auto #parts

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Used Cars For Sale 2012

This page will serve as a buying guide for those people looking for used cars for sale in 2012. When you decide to buy a used vehicle there are certain steps you should take to make sure that you get the best deal. In the age of the internet there are also many used car scams that you should obviously avoid. This guide will also benefit anyone that is looking to sell their pre owned car. No matter which side of the bargaining table you sit, it wise to be aware of the other person’s viewpoint as well.

We highly suggest that you print out a few copies of our Used Car Checklist .  The checklist is a printable pdf and is easy to print.  If you are looking to sell your car, please see our guide to selling a used car .

This article will provide an eight point guide for how to purchase a used automobile. If you follow the eight tips that we provide, chances are you will get a better deal on your next used car purchase. While some of these tips may seem like commons sense, many people fail miserably at doing their due diligence before purchased pre owned vehicles.

Used Cars for Sale Tip #1 – Choose your preferred vehicle but be flexible

It is obviously important to look for your preferred used car for sale. With that being said it is also important to be flexible when shopping for a used vehicle. It’s perfectly fine to choose a make and model that you want, but if a slightly different model comes along at a great price be prepared to act.

Be flexible when it comes to options on used cars that are for sale. Buyers tend to get too attached to options such as sunroof, rear air, trims, and many more. When you get attached to certain options it can be difficult to resist a vehicle that matches all of your desired options. This often leads people to overpay for a vehicle. Don’t overpay to satisfy your craving for the perfect vehicle.

Pre Owned Vehicles Tip #2 – Test drive at a dealership first

Even if you have zero plans on buying from a dealer, I would suggest test driving vehicles at a dealer. You may think that you know what the perfect vehicle is for you, but you really don’t know until you drive that type of car. Dealers also have many similar cars available that you can test drive. This gives you an excellent opportunity to compare and contrast similar models.

You can also visit more than one dealer to test drive cars. This gives you an opportunity to test drive the exact same model multiple times. This will help you to be sure that you have indeed found the right model for you. This also gives you experience test driving multiple vehicles of the same or similar type. This can help you to see how a car is supposed to drive before you test drive the car of an individual. If something isn’t right with the car, you are more likely to know.

Used Auto Tip #3 – Know how to value a car

The standard when it comes to valuing used cars is Kelly Blue Book. You can visit their website at Know the value of the car before you go to look at it. When using KBB to value a car you will always be able to view three different values. These three values are called wholesale, private party, and retail. When buying a car from an individual you should almost always use the private party value as a guide. I might go even further and say to use this value as a basis when viewing cars at a dealership as well.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when using KBB to get a general value of a car. Some of these important factors are listed below.

  • The true value of a used car is what someone will pay for it.
  • The lower the book value on a car, the closer to private party value you can expect to pay.
  • The higher the value, the more likely you are to purchase at below private party value. This is because it is much harder for someone to pay $25,000 in cash for a used vehicle. Most cars of this value are sold at a dealer, as people need financing. This item is becoming less of a factor as many folks are actually financing when buying from an individual.
  • Don’t value a car using the “excellent” value. Rarely is a car really excellent, and using the “good value” is more acceptable.
  • Cross check any KBB values with another online valuation system (NADA, Edmunds, etc).

Used Car Buying Tip #4 – Look closely at the interior of a vehicle

More often than not, the condition of an interior will give you a good idea of vehicle condition under the hood. This is by no means a steadfast rule, but it just makes sense, especially in 2012 and beyond. If someone is diligent in caring for the inside of the car, they are probably also diligent in taking care of the engine, transmission, and other important vehicle parts. Having a clean car is good, but there are also other things you need to keep in mind when looking at the interior of a car.

  • Do the locks function properly?
  • Do the car windows work like they should?
  • Do the seats adjust properly?
  • Do the seats sag?
  • Do all switches and buttons work? (radio, lights, trunk, hood, etc)
  • Are the floor mats extremely worn?
  • If some of those things are broken or don’t work just right, then that is not a good sign. Wouldn’t you rather buy from someone who was always on top of fixing the car interior?

Used Cars for Sale Tip #5 – Ask about service records and vehicle history report

Asking about both of these things is a must when looking at used cars for sale. An organized owner who has kept all service records has probably been pretty diligent about servicing the vehicle on a regular basis. When you flip through the records, ask questions as you go. One good question to ask is has there ever been any work done to the engine or transmission? You may also want to ask if they would mind giving the shop permission to discuss previous service work with you. Any hesitation could be a sign of problems they haven’t provided paperwork for.

People that are serious about selling their used vehicle have already pulled a vehicle history report. You should ask if you can look at this, and be sure to look at the things that are listed below. The most popular vehicle history report is Carfax .  If you are looking to buy or sell an automobile you have probably heard the phrase Show me the Carfax .

  • Has the automobile been wrecked?
  • How many owners has the car had?
  • Does the odometer check come out ok?
  • Has the car been sold at auction?
  • Does it have a salvage title?

If there are any issues on the vehicle history report, be sure to dig deeper to see what has caused the problems.

Pre Owned Automobiles Tip #6 – Learn how to negotiate

It is important that you understand how to negotiate when buying a used car. Being able to negotiate properly can help you to save money when buying a car. Being cordial and professional with a seller can also help to disarm them, which in turn can lead to a better deal. Below you will find some tips on how to negotiate a used car price.

  • Ask what they would be willing to accept?
  • If they don’t come up with a figure be prepared to make an offer.
  • Have cash in hand or the ability to get a cashiers check same day.
  • Don’t be afraid to offend a seller with a lowball offer – you can always up the offer.
  • Don’t seem desperate to buy the automobile.
  • Avoid words and phrases like “love” and “I really want this car”.
  • See how many similar cars are available in your area.

Used Car Buying Tip #7 – Get the car checked by a pro

Thousands of people buy and sell cars every day without getting the car checked by a mechanic. Don’t be one of those people. Negotiate the price of the car first, and after you have reached an agreement, tell the seller that you want to take the car to get checked out. A seller with nothing to hide will have no problem with allowing you to get the automobile checked out.

I realize that it costs money to get a car checked out, but it could save you thousands by avoiding a potential lemon. I advise you to get this done after negotiating a price because I see little point in getting the car inspected before you have reached an agreement on price. It will likely only take an hour or two of your time, and this could prevent years of headaches. Most used cars are sold as is, so know what you are buying.

Pre Owned Buying Tip #8 – Avoid online scams

The best advice that I can give to avoid being scammed when buying or selling a car is an old saying that you have probably heard before. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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