Sep 21 2017

Used Cars for Sale in North Carolina – Hertz Car Sales #used #cars #dallas

#used cars charlotte nc

Used Cars in North Carolina – NC

North Carolina

Hertz Car Sales In North Carolina

Buying a used car at a Hertz Car Sales store in North Carolina is easy and hassle free. Only the best vehicles become part of the Hertz Certified inventory, most are carefully selected from our rental car fleet, undergone extensive pre-delivery inspections and passed all requirements to be accepted as a Hertz Certified vehicle. You don’t have to worry about what you might find under the hood of your pre-owned vehicle, because we have already inspected it for you! We have thoroughly tested all mechanical components and systems listed on the Hertz Certified inspection check process to ensure vehicle safety and drive-ability! Please select a car sales store near you to browse our inventory in North Carolina online!

North Carolina

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