Apr 13 2018

Upper Canada Consultants

Controlled growth has been key to maintaining our service advantage. As we’ve diversified, we have carefully built our staff with long-term, permanent people who complement our team and understand our hands-on approach. As we expand in the future, we will continue to give that extra degree of personal service our clients have come to expect.

Our talented staff are our advantage

A professional consulting firm is best judged by its ability to provide its stated services, by the volume of repeat business, and especially by the calibre of its staff. We offer in-depth experience on projects that range across the spectrum of complexity and engineering expertise and more than 80 percent of our work is with repeat clients. Our strongest advantage is in the high quality of our staff.

Proficient and experienced in their individual disciplines, the professionals at Upper Canada Consultants strive to complete outstanding work for their clients, providing services cost-effectively and efficiently, and finding opportunities for efficiencies and savings or better approaches wherever possible. Each is committed in being part of a team that stimulates and challenges, providing benefits to the project as well as the individual. All have the tenacity it takes to stay with a project and successfully navigate the complex approval process that accompanies all projects, both public and private. Our staff are dedicated to staying on top of the ever changing regulatory approvals.

Our offices are integrated, flexible and responsive

Both of our office locations share the resources of the entire company, yet each is familiar with the standards, requirements and municipal staff of the communities they serve. This gives us mobility and flexibility and it allows us to offer our clients a degree of responsiveness they won’t often find in a larger, more bureaucratic firm. Projects, clients and staff all benefit from our integrated, yet flexible, approach.

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