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1. Of, relating to, or affecting the entire universe: the universal laws of physics.

2. Including, relating to, or affecting all members of the class or group under consideration; applicable in all cases: universal vaccination; universal suffrage. See Synonyms at general .

3. Done, produced, or shared by all members of the class or group under consideration: a discovery that met with universal acclaim.

4. Adapted or adjustable to many sizes, uses, or devices: a universal remote control.

5.Logic Encompassing all of the members of a class or group. Used of a proposition.

a. A universal proposition.

b. A general or abstract concept or term considered absolute or axiomatic.

2. A general or widely held principle, concept, or notion.

3. A trait or pattern of behavior characteristic of all the members of a particular culture or of all humans.


1. of, relating to, or typical of the whole of mankind or of nature

2. common to, involving, or proceeding from all in a particular group

3. applicable to or affecting many individuals, conditions, or cases; general

4. existing or prevailing everywhere

5. applicable or occurring throughout or relating to the universe; cosmic: a universal constant.

6. (Linguistics) (esp of a language) capable of being used and understood by all

7. embracing or versed in many fields of knowledge, activity, interest, etc

8. (Mechanical Engineering) machinery designed or adapted for a range of sizes, fittings, or uses

9. (Linguistics) linguistics (of a constraint in a formal grammar) common to the grammatical description of all human languages, actual or possible

10. (Logic) logic (of a statement or proposition) affirming or denying something about every member of a class, as in all men are wicked. Compare particular 6

11. (Philosophy) philosophy

a. a general term or concept or the type such a term signifies

b. a metaphysical entity taken to be the reference of a general term, as distinct from the class of individuals it describes. See also realism 5

c. a Platonic Idea or Aristotelian form

a. a universal proposition, statement, or formula

b. a universal quantifier

13. a characteristic common to every member of a particular culture or to every human being

14. (Mechanical Engineering) short for universal joint

Usage: The use of more universal as in his writings have long been admired by fellow scientists, but his latest book should have more universal appeal is acceptable in modern English usage

u ni ver sal

( yu n v r s l)

1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of all or the whole.

2. applicable everywhere or in all cases: a universal cure.

3. affecting, concerning, or involving all: universal military service.

4. used or understood by all: a universal language.

5. present or existing everywhere.

6. versed in or embracing many or all skills, branches of learning, etc.

7. of or pertaining to the universe, all nature, or all existing things.

8.Logic. (of a proposition) asserted of every member of a class.

9. noting any of various machines, tools, or devices widely adaptable in position, range of use, etc.

10. a cultural pattern or trait found in every known society or common to all members of a particular culture.

11.Logic. a universal proposition.

a. a general term or concept or the generic nature that such a term signifies; a Platonic idea or Aristotelian form.

b. an entity that remains unchanged in character in a series of changes or changing relations.

13. a trait or property of language that can exist in all languages.

[1325 75; Middle English Middle French Latin nivers lis. See universe ]



everything – earth, planets, sun, stars etc – that exists anywhere. Somewhere in the universe there must be another world like ours. heelal كَوْن вселена universo vesmír das Universum univers σύμπαν universo kõiksus گیتی maailmankaikkeus univers הַיקוּם ब्रह्रमांड svemir világegyetem alam semesta alheimurinn universo 宇宙 우주 visata visums; kosmoss alam semesta heelal univers wszechświat universo univers вселенная vesmír vesolje vasiona universum จักรวาล evren 宇宙 всесвіт; космос کائنات vũ trụ, vạn vật 宇宙

affecting, including etc the whole of the world or all or most people. English may become a universal language that everyone can learn and use. universeel, alomgebruikte كَوْني، عالَمي световен universal univerzální global universel; almen παγκόσμιος. γενικός. καθολικός universal universaalne همگانی yleismaailmallinen universel אוניברסאלי वैश्विक univerzalan egyetemes semesta alþjóðlegur universale 普遍的な 보편적인 pasaulinis, visuotinis universāls; vispārējs; vispasaules- sejagat universeel altomfattende ; enerådende, universell powszechny. ogólnoświatowy universal universal универсальный všeobecný, univerzálny univerzalen univerzalan universell, allmän ที่เป็นสากล evrensel. genel 全世界的,全體的 загальний; всесвітній کائناتي، آفاقي thuộc vũ trụ, thế giới 全世界的,全体的

universeel بصورَةٍ عامَّه، عالمياً всеобщ universalmente všestranně universal universelt; alment παγκόσμια universalmente universaalselt بطور گسترده yleismaailmallisesti universellement בְּאוֹפֶן אוּנִיבֶרסָאִלי सर्वत्र univerzalno általánosan, egyetemesen secara semesta almennt, um allan heim universalmente 普遍的に 보편적으로 universaliai, visuotinai universāli; vispārēji sejagat universeel allmenngyldig. enerådende powszechnie universalmente (în mod) universal повсеместно všeobecne univerzalno univerzalno universellt อย่างเป็นสากล evrensel olarak, dünyaca 普遍地 універсально آفاقي طور پر thuộc vũ trụ, thế giới 普遍地

ˌuniverˈsality ( -ˈsӕ- ) noun

universialiteit عُمومِيَّه، شُموليَّه всеобщо universalidade univerzálnost die Universalität almengyldighed παγκοσμιότητα, καθολικότητα universalidad universaalsus گستردگی yleismaailmallisuus universalité כלליות सर्वव्यापकता univerzalnost egyetemesség kesemestaan algildi; almenn útbreiðsla universalità 普遍性 보편성 universalumas universālums kesejagatan universaliteit allmenngyldighet uniwersalność universalidade universalitate универсальность univerzálnosť univerzalnost univerzalnost universell karaktär, allmängiltighet ความเป็นสากล evrensellik 普遍性 універсальність آفاقيت tính chất thuộc vũ trụ 普遍性


a. universal, general, global, mundial;

___ antidote → antídoto ___.

A universal shriek arose as the russet boots waved wildly from the wreck and a golden head emerged, exclaiming, “I told you so

She lent herself to immemorial human attitudes which we recognize by instinct as universal and true.

But the sympathy or magnetism among human beings is more subtile and universal than we think; it exists, indeed, among different classes of organized life, and vibrates from one to another.

FROM this intense consciousness of being the object of severe and universal observation, the wearer of the scarlet letter was at length relieved, by discerning, on the outskirts of the crowd, a figure which irresistibly took possession of her thoughts.

Well, then, however the old sea-captains may order me about–however they may thump and punch me about, I have the satisfaction of knowing that it is all right; that everybody else is one way or other served in much the same way — either in a physical or metaphysical point of view, that is; and so the universal thump is passed round, and all hands should rub each other’s shoulder-blades, and be content.

An intense copper calm, like a universal yellow lotus, was more and more unfolding its noiseless measureless leaves upon the sea.

Nearly every one else in Packingtown did the same, however, for there was universal exultation over this triumph of popular government, this crushing defeat of an arrogant plutocrat by the power of the common people.

I think Henrique, now, has a keener sense of the beauty of truth, from seeing lying and deception the universal badge of slavery.

Nature is a personality so vast and universal that we have never seen one of her features.

We were dressed and barbered alike, and could pass for small farmers, or farm bailiffs, or shepherds, or carters; yes, or for village artisans, if we chose, our costume being in effect universal among the poor, because of its strength and cheapness.

I die for my God, for my country, for freedom of speech, for progress, and the universal brotherhood of man

for- tunate for the cause of negro emancipation, and of universal liberty

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