May 20 2017

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Customer Service

Currently, I m trying to deal with this company. They have twice refused to pay my claim even though their insured driver ran into me. Also, they have only returned one of my numerous phone calls to them. I took my car to the nearest body shop affiliated with this company to have my car inspected as they directed me too. It was a 41 mile round trip. They took pictures of my car and determined that I had been struck in the right front side. However, this insurance company now claims they have a witness that states I ran into their insured driver. The police report clearly does not list the name of any witness or any witness statement. The law requires any witness s to an accident to identify themselves to the officers at the scene and give their statement.

My car has the passenger side door and fender completely caved in. It was so bad that I could only open my passenger side door about 8 to 10 inches. My passenger side front tire had the top Toe setting knocked -0.11 degrees off of what it should be (0.00 to 0.20 degrees is what it should be.) Also, there is a blue scrape across the tire indicating where it was struck. And, there is a blue scrape or scratch running the entire length of my passenger side fender and a dent in the top of my bumper where it was struck by his vehicle. It pushed my bumper down and into the tire so I could not drive my car until I pulled the bumper away from the tire.

The problem is that this accident happened as I was leaving a parking lot, so no tickets could be issued because we were on privet property. However, one of the officers at the scene told the other driver he was clearly at fault because the blue stripe running down the length of my fender clearly indicated he ran into me. Also, there was no damage to the front of my vehicle so I couldn t have possibly run into him as he stated.

They refuse to accept any of the physical evidence and still claim their witness verifies their insured driver s statement. This company has no morals, a complete disregard for the law, and lacks any ethical standards. I guess I have no recourse except to pursue legal options because they will not live up to their responsibilities.

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