Nov 5 2017

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At U Pick HOME. com our special rent-to-own program allows you to qualify to purchase any home that has a For Sale sign in the yard. All new homes and resale home listings are considered. We have developed a unique lease purchase service that allows you to pick any home for sale even if you cannot qualify for a mortgage. We have several different options for low down payments and in some cases there is no down payment.

While the economy has shifted, our commitment to helping potential homeowners has not. We started the Rent-To-Own program in 1999 when we met customers who could not qualify for a mortgage but still wanted to get into a home or a lease to purchase home opportunity. Since our beginning, we have purchased many homes for customers and in turn let them get that home in their name when they could not qualify for their own mortgage.

So many people need this product that we have specifically designed this website to help get quick answers on when and where you can start to look for homes. You may buy either new or existing homes to lease purchase. Many of our clients are in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. However, the option to rent-to-own through this lease purchase program is available in all 50 states. You pick the home we ll help get the loan.

More information about how it works.

If a family wants to buy but does not have the credit or finances to purchase a home, renting with an option to buy may be the solution. We work with thousands of families that have experienced a bankruptcy or foreclosure. Through a process of re-establishing credit, many families have moved from renting to homeownership within a short time.

A seller can agree to rent property to a tenant, allowing the tenant to rent and live in the residence while guaranteeing the tenant the right to buy the rental property at agreed upon terms during an agreed upon time period. However, the tenant is never obligated to purchase.

The owner, on the other hand, cannot sell the property before the agreement s expiration date. When the lease is signed, both parties also agree on a purchase price for the home. The seller cannot change this figure any time during the lease s term. This rent to own option also allows a neighborhood to be thoroughly checked, as well as the house itself, without any commitment to purchase.

This product also allows a home for sale to be set at a fixed selling price that is usually established at the beginning of the lease purchase contract. Also the purchaser has additional time to develop purchasing options without losing a home of choice. Loan options range from no down payment mortgages, or 100% mortgages, to VA loans and FHA loans.

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