May 20 2017

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What Is Trip Interruption Insurance / Travel Cancellation Insurance?

Trip cancellation insurance in Canada can cover you for up to the full cost of your flight or travel package you purchased if for some reason your trip is disrupted or you’re unable to take your trip at all.

The “unforeseen circumstances” that trip cancel insurance covers can vary by travel insurance provider, however, it typically includes events or situations like:

  • There’s an unexpected injury or death in your, or your travelling partner’s, immediate family
  • A travel warning is issued by the Government of Canada. after you purchase your insurance, recommending that Canadians do not travel to the city, country or town for where you were going (i.e. the previously issued travel warning for Mexico )
  • You miss your flight, due to a schedule interruption of the airline that is providing your transportation for a portion of your trip (note however, not every policy covers flight cancellation insurance or trip cancellation insurance for airline bankruptcy )
  • There is a weather disaster, say during the hurricane travel season. that renders your home uninhabitable or your business inoperative
  • You, or your travelling partner, are summoned to jury duty or subpoenaed as a witness (note however, this may exclude certain law enforcement officers)

Because policies vary, you might also find that you are covered for cancelling your trip if:

  • The people or person who you are going to visit, who would be your host unexpectedly dies or is admitted to hospital
  • You involuntarily lose your job

If you’re unsure of what trip interruption or travel cancellation insurance product you need, you can get a quick introduction to travel medical insurance in Canada. or visit Travel Insurance 101. or explore other travel related questions and answers here. If you get stuck on a word or phrase, visit our travel insurance glossary .

Why Should I Buy Trip Cancellation Insurance?

It’s a good idea to learn about travel cancellation insurance for just about any trip, especially if you’ve planned that “dream” vacation. Usually these trips are quite expensive (and non-refundable), making the money spent unrecoverable if anything were to happen and you weren’t able to go or needed to come home early.

Trip interruption insurance is a good idea simply because weather can always be a problem regardless whether you are travelling out-of-province or travelling out-of-country. If your plane, train or automobile is grounded or diverted due to the weather, you’re going to want to make sure you aren’t out of luck financially as well. If the weather doesn’t strike you, there are some other real-life reasons why you may need travel insurance .

Another option for consideration is an all-inclusive travel insurance coverage plan. All-inclusive coverage plans include trip cancel insurance but also include emergency medical coverage and baggage protection. All-inclusive coverage plans are a great option because you, your trip and your important travel items are safe from any untimely events that may affect the outcome of your trip.

Quick tip: Trip cancellation insurance and all-inclusive coverage must typically be purchased within 2 days of buying your flight or trip package

Through KANETIX, not only can you compare free trip cancellation insurance quotes, but you can also compare policies that are designed specifically for Super Visa Canada insurance, travel insurance for international students studying in Canada, travel insurance for Canadians and visitors to Canada insurance. We’ll help you find senior travel medical insurance. snowbirds insurance, trip insurance. and compare cheap travel insurance from many of the top travel insurance companies in Canada.

With the KANETIX Travel Insurance App. you can compare quotes and buy the travel insurance you need right from your smartphone device. In addition, you can easily subscribe to reminders for policy renewal, come back to your saved quotes, and never again worry about overpaying on your travel insurance coverage.

Additional Info On Trip Cancellation Insurance And All-Inclusive Coverage

Simply answer a couple of questions concerning your trip itinerary when you apply online and in a minute or two you’ll be able to view all-inclusive coverage and trip cancellation insurance plans from Canada’s leading travel insurance providers.

Don’t forget to include the full cost (per person) for your flight or travel package when you’re entering your information. Trip cancellation insurance covers up to the total cost of your flight or travel package, so to get a quote for an all-inclusive policy or a standalone trip cancellation policy you need to include this information. In addition, there are annual travel insurance policies which you can benefit from. Learn more about what’s covered and what’s not in a policy before your purchase by understanding the limitations and exclusions in a typical travel health insurance coverage plan.

Make sure to use these easy to follow tips when entering your trip itinerary. You’ll receive more accurate quote prices and a variety of quotes to choose from for the travel insurance you need. Get quotes for trip cancel insurance and all-inclusive coverage the easy way at KANETIX.

Travel Insurance Resources From The Government Of Canada

Looking for more information and advice about travel insurance in Canada and abroad? The Government of Canada has many resources to help:

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