Sep 12 2017

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If you own a small business or enterprise website, you already know many of the benefits to having hosted solutions for your website. But did you know that adding a hosted help desk can save you time and money by integrating professional customer support tools with a robust FAQ system and detailed tech statistics?

The Benefits of Help Desks

One of the biggest benefits for businesses that need to offer a help desk solution is that you can manage your customer service and support online 24/7/365 without installing a single piece of software to your computer or website! By utilizing a hosted help desk system like the one TremenDesk offers, you can access your help desk 24 hours a day to answer tickets, submit additional information on client questions, track the performance of your technicians, and even create FAQs for your website.

Why Your Business Needs a Help Desk

Every business needs a professional help desk solution for their website, because customer satisfaction should be one of your biggest priorities. Enterprise-level help desk solutions like TremenDesk can save your business time and money, by organizing an FAQ system directly into your help desk control panel.

Besides the simplicity of keeping things organized, your customers will appreciate the professional appearance of an online help desk, where they can choose a department to email. For example, many businesses have separate queues for Sales, Support, Billing, and Marketing; that way, customers who have important billing questions will not be impacted by a longer wait for technical support or marketing.

Finding the Best Help Desk Solution

There are many factors to take into consideration when researching the best help desk systems out there. For example, you will want to search for an affordable help desk provider, but price should not be your only concern. Remember to also look at the help desk features to ensure your help desk solution includes an integrated FAQ system, tech statistics, unlimited desk queues, email attachment support, unlimited tickets per queue, multiple user levels (tech, admin, manager, customer, etc), and a hosted platform that does not require you to do any installation!

In short, review TremenDesk’s features, as it will offer everything you need to integrate a fully-featured help desk solution into your website instantly.

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