Aug 11 2017

Travelodge – 12 Photos – Hotels – East India Dock – London – Reviews #no #1 #travel

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Recommended Reviews

Okay, it s a Travelodge and I ve given it 5 stars. I ve also given the Grange City Hotel 5 stars but all things are relative.

You know what to expect with a Travelodge, they all look the same and as long as you have no expectations of luxury and decadence, you ll be fine. The rooms are clean and basic and that s all you need.

This particular Travelodge is great because it s a stone s throw from Canary Wharf, the City and City Airport. It s a great place to stay if you ve got an early morning flight or if, like me, you live outside of London and need a place to sleep if you re pulling a late night.

The 5 stars is awarded because it is clean, basic accommodation and, best of all, I ve never paid more than £40 per night to stay here.

Grange City is all well and good when it s being expensed but Travelodge is ideal when it s coming straight out of your own pocket.

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