May 19 2017

Travel to Cuba #barhead #travel

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Travel to Cuba

Experience an Enriching, People-to-People Educational Exchange in Cuba

Although it’s situated just 90 miles off the coast of  Florida, legal travel to Cuba was off-limits to U.S. travellers for five  decades. Abercrombie Kent USA, LLC, operates these people-to-people  educational exchange programs to Cuba under an OFAC general license. This  meaningful, immersive travel involves full days spent embarking on authentic  experiences through one-on-one exchanges with the Cuban people.

A destination like no other, Cuba is a place where art,  music and opportunities to interact with its fascinating people are found at  every turn. Unlike traditional “tourist” travel, this people-to-people  experience reveals Cuba’s true spirit, from an exploration of historic buildings  with a local architect to playing a few innings with Cuban baseball players,  and from a discussion about U.S.-Cuba relations to a visit to an influential  artist’s studio. From start to finish, this people-to-people educational  exchange offers insight into the daily life of residents, with opportunities  for authentic, enriching meetings, discussions and interactive experiences.

Cuba remains a developing country, and guests travelling  here should adjust their expectations accordingly: delays are common and meals  are not very flexible, making special dietary requests challenging. In the  event that specific individuals and locations become unavailable, comparable  activities will be substituted. Participation in all scheduled,  people-to-people activities is mandatory and the program allows for little, if  any, free time. Yet, it is filled with rewarding interactions that prove  unforgettable and endlessly fascinating.

For more information regarding Cuba and travel regulations, please review the Cuba Frequently Asked Questions .

We learned a lot about the way Cubans live, including their joys and challenges. We not only loved meeting the Cuban people, but also seeing everything from the art to the vintage cars.

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