Apr 9 2017

Travel search engines List #travel #airfare

#travel search engines

Travel search engines List

Now days there is a dozen of travel search engines and this kind of search engines is a bit  new to most people and most people do not even think that they exists. and other saying what is the point of using them while i know one or two travel website that i make most of my booking from there  and i believing that those website(s) i  used to makes my travel bookings is the cheapest and the best ones. but this is not true for many reasons.

There is 100s of travel websites you can do your travel booking  or reservations,but what you do do not know that every one of them have his special future which makes him unique to be able to make a profit. if we took hotels for example we will find that some websites is good price in Europe hotels while its expensive on USA or Asian hotels comparing with the other so that do not means that they are expensive websites to book or reserve  from but they just specialize in this section which is the Europe hotels which is their main target and they have the skills to get the best prices on it, so we can take the same concept to the other travel fields like Flight / car rentals / cruises and others.

We now will provide a list of those search engines and you judge yourself and tells us which you likes or which you use or prefers.

We will start with our travel search engine which is .

  •  seems to be new to the travel search engines  industry. but it took over 2 years in develop the Travelfox team from its first day was looking to make the most powerful  travel search engine ever and  still trying to develop and Invent new features every day. the unique thing on TravelFox is its a Real time search engine which means whats you see is what you got not like the other search engine who search a few sources and trying to guess  the prices for the others sites, TravelFox also have the most number of hotels to search and show prices for over 414,000 hotels world wide and over 50 hotels booking websites and those numbers increases every day. and about the flight search we bet that you will find any other travel search engine website will provide you with the best price and booking options  than . also have other travel sections like car rental / vacation rental  / rails / cruises  each one of them is quine and powerful .

  • old name in the Travel Search engines field and one of the first ones who started this kind of search engines after which he bought few years later.kayak search for hotels / flights  / car renal / cruises.
  • one of the old names too but they are only specialized on hotels search and they are really good at the hotel search field. plus most of the hotels search engines websites use Hotels combined API .
  •  specialized on Europe travel search you can still search for usa / asia / africa and other destinations but most best prices you will find within the Europe destinations .  they do have Hotels / flights / car rentals search.
  • they are specialized on flight serach they also do have hotels search but the hotels results is returend from Hotels combined Api and have car renatls too which is powered by .
  • have been there for a long time too they search hotels / flights / cars
  • they specialized on flight search
  • is a part of the the Microsoft search engine but its travel section is now powered by kayak
  • have been around for some years now and its powered by travelzoo its specialized on flights search.

we hope to see your comments and tells us which ones you Likes and prefers. maybe there is some other Travel search website but those is the most popular ones.

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