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May 21 2017

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Travel packages

Euro 2016 championships will be an attractive way for football fans from all over the world to travel to France and spend their holiday time there in June 2016. Surely many of them will buy Euro 2016 travel packages to get their dreamed-of ticket and book a hotel room the same time.

Uefa offers various options and packages such as Pass Stadium faithfull to one or more stadiums, Pass Ultimate where fans can attend the final and one or more matches of their choice and Pass „a la carte” where fans can attend three matches of their choice (excluding semi-finals and final).

The tournament is believed to be the second most important football event worldwide, after Fifa World Cup. But demand for the tickets could be even bigger than during World Cup. Especially when the World Cup tournaments are organised outside the Europe.

That’s why, sports fans not only from Europe, but also from other continents, always fill in the European stadiums and upcomming boost the demand for Euro 2016 tickets and travel packages. Next years’ Euro 2016 in France will have as many as 2 millions observers of the European football or soccer, as this discipline is often called in America.

For sports fans who want to watch the best of European football, there are many possibilities. The Euro 2016 tickets that are available to direct distribution are quite difficult to get – first you have to register, then apply and take part in a lottery. Although the chances are not big, it not impossible to be drawn, as the internet forums about football and soccer events show. We can find there many opinions of people who want to sell or exchange their tickets.

However, there is an easier and less complicated way of getting your Euro 2016 tickets. If you do not want to worry about accommodation in a foreign country, your travels, you do not want to look for people who speak English to help you with basic actions, you can book a trip with a ticket for Euro 2016 games included. There are chosen travel agencies who are Uefa partners and offer various Euro 2016 hospitality packages.

Then, you can enjoy first-class hospitality which includes access to all selected matches, accommodation, visiting the stadium before and after the match and catering services.

Travel agencies are also prepared to cater for the needs of their customers. They prepared offers consisting of Euro 2016 football travel packages. The most prominent advantage of such packages, is that apart from Euro 2016 tickets, they include full service, with accommodation in a hotel in France. There are various options to choose from, and you can gain unforgettable experience from other leisure activities provided in your trip. This is also a solution for those people who wouldn’t be successful in the Uefa lottery. Than they could browse the travelling portals and buy a football package, without worrying about the details.


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