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Nov 5 2017

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Three Planes and a War – Why Accidental Death Insurance is Important

Published:Tue, 29 Jul 2014 06:00:00 GMT

A recent spate of international plane crashes has many people thinking about their own mortality and what they would want to happen for their loved ones. People purchase accidental death insurance to assure their loved ones will be taken care of financially should the unthinkable happen.

According to the US Travel Insurance Association (USTIA), Many travelers mistakenly believe that their health insurance plan or the U.S. government will provide assistance in the event of a medical emergency. This can be a very expensive mistake, as these organizations may only provide the most basic medical referrals, and they may not pay for the expenses associated with a medical emergency, which can easily approach $100,000 for a serious medical problem.

To help you sort through the myriad plans offered by Travel Insurance Center. we ve compiled the best-sellers by category for the first quarter of 2014. Keep these in mind when you re searching for the best policy for your clients.

Political unrest. Civil disorder. Act of war.

These words are frequently found in the exclusion clauses of a travel insurance policy. And they re hot topics in today s news, whether about Ukraine, Syria or other places where your clients are traveling.

With all the weather issues this year, there have been many vacations cancelled, cruises missed and flights cancelled, resulting in delays of two or three days. I couldn t help but think of the term The Luck of the Irish, which can mean good luck if you re Irish or bad luck if you re not. But where was it for those unlucky Irish souls who were caught in these situations?

Many people (your clients) are busy making vacation arrangements right now. That means there s an opportunity for you to earn a few extra dollars. For example, take a quote I gave this weekend to a couple in their 80s. If you d sold them the quoted travel insurance plan for their 71-day Africa/Europe cruise beginning in March 2015, I d line your pockets with a little more than $2,500 bucks in commission.

When events like terrorism threaten travel plans, your role as an insurance agent puts you in the easy seat to help your client and make a sale even if travel insurance isn t your bread and butter. The recent government-issued travel warnings in the final weeks before the Feb. 7th kickoff of the Sochi Olympics present a prime example.

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