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Aug 11 2019

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Bustravel Iceland – #1 Iceland Tours

One of the Most Experienced Day Tour Operators in Iceland

BusTravel Iceland is a day tour operator founded in 1960 but re-imagined in 2015.

We specialize in day trips to a number of popular destinations in Iceland including The Golden Circle Tour, Snæfellsnes, The Glacier Lagoon, The South Coast and much more.

We break our various high quality day tours down into the following categories. Our classic tours, which are the tours that got us started, travel out to a number of the most popular destinations in Iceland! Our premium tours which go exclusively in small groups and include extra stops and our experiences which are great day tours and activities offered by our tour partners here in Iceland.

Which ever way you decide to try and experience Iceland our dedication to customer satisfaction and our constant striving to better ourselves and our tours will ensure that your Icelandic adventure is one that leaves many happy memories.

Check out our great selection

Day tours Tours & Activities in Iceland

Classic Coach Tours

Premium Mini Bus Tours

Northern Lights Tours

Special Offers and Packages

Here is a selection of our

Most Popular Tours

Grand Golden Circle Tour

The essential tour for all visitors to Iceland. See history and nature collide with sights.

ISK 5,990 8 Hours

South Iceland Coast & Skogafoss Waterfall Tour

The most dramatic scenery Iceland has to offer will unfold in front of you as you travel a.

ISK 9,990 10 Hours

Golden Circle Afternoon Tour

Join us for a shorter version of our quintessential Icelandic tour. This version of our po.

ISK 4,990 7 Hours

Golden Circle Tour and Blue Lagoon Transfer

Visit the famous Golden Circle and magical Blue Lagoon on this special day tour.

ISK 12,990 11 Hours

Snæfellsnes Peninsula Tour

Often described as “Iceland in miniature” this part of Iceland is home to lava fields, mou.

ISK 13,990 11 Hours

Northern Lights Bus Tour From Reykjavík

Take part in one of the most elusive Iceland activities by joining our Northern Lights bus.

ISK 5,900 4 Hours

Glacier Lagoon (Jökulsárlón) Tour

Our Glacier lagoon tour will take you along the south of Iceland. You will see the grand w.

ISK 16,990 14 Hours

Iceland Intro – Premium Southern Iceland Tour

Visit black sand beaches and waterfalls on Iceland’s South coast in style in one of ou.

ISK 13,900 10 Hours

Iceland Intro – Premium Golden Circle Tour

Visit Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss in style in one of our premium day tours, run exclus.

ISK 10,900 8 Hours

Iceland Intro – Premium Northern Lights Tour

Join us as we journey out of the city of Reykjavik on a trip to see the elusive northern l.

ISK 9,990 4 Hours

Northern Lights Bus DELUXE

Join us for the ultimate northern lights experience. This version of the northern lights t.

ISK 19,990 4 Hours


Special Offers

Stop Over In Iceland Package

Booked a stop over in Iceland, wondering what to do? Look no further, waterfalls, hot spri.

Family Super Saver

We know travelling with the loved ones can be expensive, which is why our Family Super Sav.

Essential Iceland Package

Golden Circle, Southern Iceland & Airport transfers, this package is simply designed for e.

3 for 2 Offer

Fancy 3 tours for the price of 2? Journey with us to the Golden Circle & South Coast and g.

Why book with BusTravel Iceland?

At BusTravel Iceland we strive to deliver high quality day tours to a number of destinations across Iceland with a particular focus on ensuring that everything we do is sustainable. To minimise our carbon footprint, we are part of the Kolviður Fund, whose mission is to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. We make every effort to design our tours so that their impact on the delicate natural environment of Iceland is minimal so that it can be enjoyed by people for many years to come.

Furthermore all of our busses are very comfortable and all come with free WiFi so that you can share your Icelandic adventure with your friends and family all over the world.

We are a company with the fresh outlook of a startup but with the longstanding history that our companies rich history provides. We have been providing high quality tours and transport in Iceland since 1960 and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon!

Looking for something to do in Iceland?

Iceland insider tips

BusTravel blog

Top 10 Pictures for FMarch (List)

Iceland in March captured in photos (taken by @catgbeck) to get you excited about your upcoming trip to Iceland, or to make you nostalgic about your past experiences!

Top 10 Pictures for February (List)

Iceland in February captured in photos (taken by @catgbeck) to get you excited about your upcoming trip to Iceland, or to make you nostalgic about your past experiences!

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Top 10 Pictures for January (List)

Iceland in January captured in photos (taken by @catgbeck) to get you excited about your upcoming trip to Iceland, or to make you nostalgic about your past experiences!

Top 10 Pictures for December (List)

Winter has come and here are more photos (taken by @catgbeck) to get you excited about your upcoming trip to Iceland, or to make you nostalgic about your past experiences!

What is Christmas like in Iceland?

The idea of a singular Santa Claus has brushed aside in favour of thirteen “Yule Lads” who deliver various kinds of mischief (and sometimes gifts if you leave a shoe out for them). These Yule Lads come down from the mountains where they reside with their troll parents Grýla and Leppalúði and the Christmas cat.

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