Jul 14 2017

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Using Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

The good news is that for most people, snoring is caused by a blocked passageway. Instead of a smooth breathing process, the air has trouble getting in and out of the throat, therefore causing the sound. Blockage can happen because the tongue is in the way or the throat muscles are weak and preventing proper airflow.

If the problem is due to these two reasons, the use of an anti snoring mouthpiece is the best possible solution. The mouthpiece is worn during sleeping and positions the problematic body part properly so that it doesn’t block the air from passing in and out of the mouth.

Today, there are two types of mouthpieces used for snoring.

* Tongue Retaining – tongue retaining mouthpieces are small and placed only at the tip of the tongue. This pulls the tongue slightly forward, therefore preventing it from flopping around in the mouth, causing snoring. Comfortable and easy to use, tongue retaining mouthpieces are best used if you snore with your mouth closed. The Good Morning Snore Solution seems to the most popular tongue retaining device on the market.

* Jaw Retaining – jaw retaining mouthpieces move the jaw slightly forward, tensing the throat muscles and preventing them from vibrating during sleeping. This type of mouthpiece is best used by individuals who snore with their mouth open, indicating that the problem is with their throat. Note that jaw retaining types can be uncomfortable at first and needs to be fitted in.

Why Opt for Mouthpieces?

The use of an anti snoring mouthpiece is best for backpackers because: (1) they are small and easy to bring with you, (2) they don’t need constant replacement, and (3) they can be easily cleaned.

Of course, there are also other options today, but most of them aren’t ideal for the traveler lifestyle. Make sure to check with your doctor first before opting for the mouthpiece to make sure that this is the right solution for you.

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