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Aug 14 2019

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Travel articles

The EU’s smallest country makes a comeback

Jamie Lafferty

A flagging capital shrugs off its torpor to emerge full of attractive feist.

Breathtakingly beautiful

Isobel King

In this city founded in 1538, the buildings aren’t just historically significant; they’re breathtakingly beautiful.

On the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train

Brian Johnston

Swish southwards at high speed and take in some of the sights, too.

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Popular Experiences

Ten abandoned, unfinished and unused behemoths

Sometimes, big investments pay off. On other occasions, it doesn’t.

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Letters: Smart Traveller’s advice on travel to the US is a joke

The advice for travelling in the US to “exercise normal safety precautions” is a joke.

NEW Japan tour with Adam Liaw

Join us on a culinary journey through Japan and experience all the excitement of the Rugby World Cup semi-finals.

This little-known route is one of the most spectacular drives in the US

Utah’s Scenic Byway 12 is a road very aptly named.

Rob McFarland

Quiz: How long should it take to pour a pint of Guinness?

Win a luxury 13-day Mekong cruise valued at nearly $20,000

Featured Destination

While massive pagodas and palaces pay tribute to China’s intrinsic history; today, cars are more common than bikes, hutongs make way for apartments, but locals still practice the old traditions from Tai Chi to devouring steamed buns on a misty morning.

Oversold ‘attractions’

Ten tourist attractions in the US that aren’t worth the hype

The strength of the US is the variety and quality of its attractions. But some key tentpegs of tour itineraries there are only likely to disappoint. These include…

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David Whitley

Oversold Australia: Ten major attractions that don’t live up to the hype

There are some attractions that are packaged in and hyped up for virtually every visitor to Australia. But, realistically, some of them aren’t that special – and there’s usually something more impressive nearby.

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David Whitley

Ten tourist attractions in Europe that aren’t worth the hype

Europe’s concentration of great reasons to visit is probably unrivalled by any other continent. But some of its big hitters can’t half be disappointing.

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