Dec 4 2016

Travel and accommodation in Cuba. Casa particular for rent. Rooms and apartments. #rental #applications

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Accommodation in Cuba. Rent a casa particular

Welcome dear visitor!

Surfing this web, you will find all the information that will help you to plan your next travel to Cuba.

Here you will find many options of accommodations in guesthouses or apartments for rent (casas particulares in Spanish) in all the main tourist destinations in Cuba, although we offer other additional services, always thinking about your total satisfaction.

In this directory of guesthouses (casas particulares) in Cuba you will have the chance to compare prices. read the descriptions and see the photos of all the available rooms for rent in the main tourist destinations in Cuba.

We also want you to know the places with interest for tourists in Cuba in all the provinces and localities, many of them very close to the guesthouses published in this web.

Our team will assure you a direct contact with you at every moment, and also a direct communication with the owner of the guesthouse you are about to choose.

Booking an apartment or a guesthouse (casa particular) with us is easier, just do it and we guarantee our assistance.

Good Luck!


Casas particulares for rent in Cuba

In 1997, the Cuban government proclaimed a law that allowed Cubans to rent out rooms in their houses or apartments, mainly to tourists. So far, many families in Cuba have devoted a lot of time to this activity, even many of them with more than 15 years of experience.

There are unimaginable facilities that you will find if you visit one of these establishments: from a laundry, catering, Cuban dance lessons, Spanish lessons to tourist guides to show you the entire destination. Within the concept casas particulares you can also find apartments, rooms inside an apartment. rooms with separate entrance. colonial houses , buildings and other classifications.

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