Jul 6 2017

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There are 3 different types of travel agents. These are Multiple travel agents, Miniple travel agents and Independent travel agents.

Multiple travel agents are companies which operate a chain of retail outlets through out the UK under a single brand name. These type of companies are usually found on the high street. A few examples of these would be Thomson and Thomas Cook.

Miniple travel agents are companies that have between 5-50 branches. An example of one of these companies is CO-OP Travel. CO-OP Travel did used to be a miniple Travel Agent but it has recently merged with Thomas Cook.

Independent travel agents are companies that cater for the needs of residents in a small towns. Hays Travel is an example of an independent travel agent.

Also there are 3 other different types of travel agents. Retail, Business, Call Centre and Web-Based travel agents.

– A Retail travel agent are a company who advise people when they are travelling about different hotels around the area they are travelling to and about the weather conditions and the different currency exchange.

– A Business travel agent concentrates on travel services for companies. Also they focus mostly on short notice trips where the timing of the flight is alot more important than the price of the flight for the tourist.

– A Call Centre travel agent is a company which sells products over the phone and every day they have to reach a certain number of sales they make per day.

– A Web Based travel agent is a company that sells holidays over the internet. An example of these websites would be Expedia. This website allows you to create your own holiday trip and also look at hotels and other extras that you might want with your holiday.

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