Oct 2 2016

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Consumer Complaints Reviews

Litton loan and/or ocwen loan servicing LP. were sued for several illegal practice. I believe they had a responsibility to contact most if not all of the people that they cheated. They gave a deadline of September 15, 2014. However, everyone they cheated did not get the message. I believe it is only fair to give the victims a longer time period to file their claims. I also believe it to be only fair that the National Ocwen Settlement should be broadcasted via National television. I would like to be the person to advertise the National settlement to make sure that every victim has been given a reasonable chance to know about the settlement and to file their claims. I believe that this claim process should be extended for another 6 to 9 months. However, the claims that have already been filed should begin the process of payments of their claims or whatever will make the cheated whole again. If Ocwen does not comply, then those who have not been given a fair chance for a settlement claim should file a new class action against ocwen loan servicing LP. Litton loan servicing LP. and any other mortgage predictor that was involved.

First of all, the main mortgage on our home was contrived by the lender to require that it be interest only, which was an arbitrary, unfair ploy when our income was adequate to pay interest and principal. We applied for a loan modification and Litton gave us a three month “trial” during which time we made payments on time and then received NO notice about the loan mod or any changes, and we continued to pay the agreed upon amount for six months more. Then we saw that a payment had not been processed and called Litton to find out what happened and were told nothing.

Litton and Goldman Sachs are white collar criminals. Litton should be sued for the fraudulent mishandling of the loan modification, the subsequent foreclosure, ruining our credit in a forced bankruptcy, loss of all loan payments (which far exceeded what the property was sold for in the short sale), loss of our home and all improvements of the property, costs of moving, the tremendous mental and emotional damages and punitive damages – realistically this lawsuit should be for $10 million in order to make up for the damages. If you know of an attorney who will take on this outrageous rip-off on spec, please let us know. We feel that a jury would readily award that amount or more when the all of the details and documentation is revealed.

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