Aug 28 2017

Top 59 Complaints and Reviews about Mendota Auto Insurance #loan #application

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Consumer Complaints Reviews

Was with Mendota for years and years until I sold my car and bought a new one. I called them to cancel the old car and simply to add the new one. Simple enough right? Wrong. They told me that had to see my agent and it wasn’t possible to do it over the phone and they assured me that I was going to get my money for that month back since I called on the 31st of the month. Well they charged me and when I called back they said it’s because they needed a cancellation notice in writing mailed or emailed to them. I did and still nothing.

I obtained Mendota Insurance through an insurance broker in September of 2014. I wish I had done my research before obtaining a policy with them because I would have definitely NOT done business with this company had I known the nightmare it causes its customers. In March of this year my 2007 Chevy Equinox was stolen from my home. I made a police report with Chandler Police filed the claim with Mendota hoped for the best. It was found a few days later by Phoenix Police in a bad neighborhood. Unfortunately I was never notified by the police instead was eventually informed by my lien holder of the discovery whereabouts of my car in mid-April.

I went to get my car from the tow yard, but it was soo badly damaged (missing parts, broken windows, slashed seats paint poured all over the interior) I couldn’t drive it in the condition it was in. Also, the tow yard charges had incurred to almost $900 (which I couldn’t afford) since the police had failed to contact me immediately when they had found it. I notified my adjuster by the name of Ashley ** of this information. At some point Mendota went to recover the vehicle assess the damages. I didn’t receive any follow up despite leaving messages with the adjuster. I eventually received a call in mid-May from an investigator by the name of Rob ** out of Colorado. He stated he was in town for the day needed to obtain an in person statement from me. Since I had no prior notice of this, I was unable to meet with him due to my work schedule that day.

I found it very strange that he hadn’t called to set up an appointment prior to his trip. He said he would let Mendota know someone would be in contact with me within a few days. A few days turned into a week I again called left a message with the adjuster. She finally called me back a few days later stating she had mailed me a Reservation of Rights letter that I needed to schedule an in person statement with their investigator. I was already aware of this information.

I finally met with this investigator in the beginning of June gave him this in person statement, which was the same information I had already given to the adjuster when my car was stolen. The only difference was this man said the claim was suspicious accused me of being involved with the theft damage to my car even accused the other adults in our home as well! He claimed to be an un-bias party in the matter also that his recommendation would have no influence in the insurance company making their decision for my claim. I call bs! We are now in July I received another Reservation of Rights letter. This time Mendota is going to have their attorneys contact me for an under oath examination.

I’m now in the process of hiring my own lawyer to help me with this nightmare claim! I’m the victim yet I’m being interrogated treated like a criminal! I’m 4 months pregnant this entire process has caused me undue stress! It seems to me this rinky dink joke of an insurance company treats all of their insured customers the same. My advice to anyone shopping for insurance: STAY AWAY FROM MENDOTA! They don’t want to pay on their claims if you’re the unfortunate victim of a car theft/vandalism, you will be accused of being involved, interrogated by their investigators, their attorneys ultimately accused of insurance fraud!

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