Oct 31 2016

Top 28 Complaints and Reviews about Wawanesa Auto Insurance #auto #finance #calculator

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After being a satisfied Wawanesa car insurance client for years, transferring over our duplex home insurance to these profiteers from hell, it was an absolute nightmare. Over 8 months of agonizing waiting and relentless delays for a roof leakage damage and repair. They sent two or 3 estimators, inspectors, checked and took photo’s of the damages to our bathroom and kitchen then told us they would be in touch. Month after month, delays after delays, the aggravation was building. We had to threaten them with a legal lawsuit if they weren’t going to start the immediate and urgent renovation work soon.

Anna of San diego, CA on May 1, 2011

I have been given partial denial for repairs on my vehicle that are the result of indirect damage from a car accident on 3/29/11. The damaged part on my car is the engine control module, which in Mitsubishi’s, is not a part that usually ever has to be replaced. I have spoken to all 12 Southern California Mitsubishi dealerships from San Diego all the way up to Long Beach, and not one had sold one of these parts in more than two years, if ever. They also all say that this is a very reliable part in an eclipse, but that the violent jolt of the impact can cause serious damage in computer parts like these, and that there is no way that the damage was a coincidence.

Well, I am a licensed insurance agent working for Farmers Insurance, and I know my rights, and have proceeded to take this matter to the next level because this has definitely reached bad faith claim status. All that I asked was to be treated fairly and have my car restored to the same condition it was before the accident, which is my right as stated in my Wawanesa Policy. Neither has happened with this company, and I am very sorry I hadn’t switched to Farmers before this accident, because none of this would be happening right now.

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