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Top 10 muscle cars of the – 60s #cars #compare

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Top 10 muscle cars of the 60s

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There are so many great muscle cars. it is hard to choose a winner. The muscle car era (’64-’72) featured a surplus of performance models, all ready and willing to satisfy a driver’s need for speed.

Still, placing these cars in a pre-determined order is akin to a quarter-mile race: it’s anyone’s game. Or guess.

Yet certain factors are undeniable, such as popularity and overall production numbers. For example, did this car change the performance landscape, or at least challenge the competition? Even when faced with overwhelming horsepower and engine toque readings, there’s more to declaring a winner than just presenting sheer performance numbers.

One great thing about of a bench-racing exercise such as this is the fact that it can be revised endlessly, by friends and cars fans alike.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 muscle cars of the ‘60s:

#1) 1969 Camaro SS396

In sheer popularity alone, any ’69 Camaro – be it Super Sport, Z28, or even the ZL1 – would be a frontrunner. The car design was a stunner, a grand finale of the first-gen F-body (’67-’69). If this list had to choose, though, it would definitely have to consider the 396. It took an already-good new-for-’67 Super Sport package with a 350 small block V8, and upgraded to a big block. The SS396 Camaro became one of the leading symbols of the ‘60s muscle car wars.

#2) 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

The newly restyled (for ’68) B-Body models for both Dodge and Plymouth were a hit. Take a stripped down, no-frills 2-door post coupe (i.e. cheap), power it with a fine 383 Mopar motor, and name it after a fast, cartoon character named Road Runner. It captivated not only a Saturday morning cartoon audience, but a youth buying market, too. Beep-Beep!

#3) 1966 Plymouth Belvedere Hemi

The new 426 engine featured Hemi-head combustion chambers and was basically a de-tuned race motor. The big elephant motor, as it is known for its immense size and girth, made the B-body Mopar a beast on the street. Later models (most notably the ‘Cuda) would reap the rewards of the 426 Hemi’s fierce reputation.

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