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Aug 10 2019

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Time magazine travel

Neermahal Palace is an imposing edifice in the middle of a tranquil lake in Tripura, where SANDIP HOR is attending an International Tourism Mart focused on tourism in north-eastern India.

Discover Longreach with Outback Pioneers

Had I read that correctly? A trip to a camel farm? Yes, my local National Seniors group was offering an excursion to Summer Land Camel Farm at Harrisville in Queensland’s Scenic Rim region. GRETCHEN BERNET writes she was hooked and booked.

Recent research identified that Baby Boomers and beyond are looking for more than a holiday when they travel. DOT WHITTINGTON talks to three tour organisers who are catering specifically for special interests.

The Settle to Carlisle train runs across a stunning viaduct and takes in unforgettable views of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and neighbouring Cumbria, writes JOHN NEWTON.

If you fancy getting away from holiday hordes and not having to clean up, stock up and cook up a Christmas feast, ALLAN BLACKBURN recommends a yuletide cruise.

It’s not possible to be in Liverpool without being exposed to constant reminders that this is the home of The Beatles, writes RUSSELL HUNTER.

Two decades after the historic Good Friday Agreement signaled the end of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, Belfast is now well and truly open to tourism and its past conflict is proving to be a dark drawcard, writes DOT WHITTINGTON.

A new book about the Glasshouse Mountains explains everything you need to know about this dominant landscape feature and presents a thousand good reasons why it’s worth a visit, writes DOT WHITTINGTON.

The name gives a hint it might be a tad chilly, but the spectacular and remote landscapes of Iceland makes it well worthwhile layering up with winter woollies and heading out to explore the land of fire and ice, writes DOT WHITTINGTON.

Have you ever seen a travel deal that appeared too good to be true? BEVERLEY EVERSON hesitated when she saw 14 days in China all inclusive for under $2000 but decided to give it a go.

There’s always plenty of thought given to destinations for the bucket list but, writes DOT WHITTINGTON, how you get there deserves a place as well.

World traveller Len Rutledge offers his predictions.

Walking the beach, visiting an island, shopping the markets and enjoying a massage are just a few of the attractions that will encourage 35 million people to visit Thailand this year, writes LEN RUTLEDGE.

As Baby Boomers spread their wings wider in search of something completely different, heads turn south to Antarctica and JOHN MADDOCKS reports, it’s a mind-blowing experience.

Viewing Europe from a motorhome driver’s seat high above the road can open new vistas on the continent and has many advantages over other ways of travelling, writes CLAUS SCHAFFNER.

They’re as much a part of hotel rooms in 200 countries around the world as the towels in the bathrooms, writes DAVID ELLIS.

Travel is becoming an increasingly popular way to make the most of retirement. Two hardy travellers share their tips with DOT WHITTINGTON.

A cruise along the lacy coastline of Norway is not all lolling about on the deck as ANGELA BENSTED hikes, kayaks and cycles the fields and fjords.

Third World, Communist and confronting with an amazing 92 million people – that’s Vietnam. AUDIENNE BLYTH takes a busy yet alluring 18-day tour.

At this stage of our lives, we’re beginning to rediscover the lost pleasure of travel for its own sake, writes RUSSELL HUNTER as he sets off on The Ghan.

Save on airfares and forget the hassle of currency exchange and long flights. Take a break close to homevery close to home, writes DOT WHITTINGTON

Recherche Archipelago coastal national parks are breathtakingly beautiful wilderness and easily accessed, writes grey nomad BEVERLEY EVERSON.

Sometimes trips don’t go entirely to plan, and as DALLAS SHERRINGHAM discovers to his detriment, the promised itinerary just doesn’t measure up.

Alaska is attracting Australians in record numbers and the reasons, writes RODERICK EIME, are obvious from the moment you arrive.

Full of colour with beautiful beaches and colonial mansions, DOT WHITTINGTON finds Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is still waiting to be discovered by Aussies.

Grey nomad BEVERLEY EVERSON takes a detour off the Newell Highway to Melbourne and discovers the wonder of sculptures in the scrub.

Caravans have all the comforts of home but, writes grey nomad BEVERLEY EVERSON, occasionally it’s nice to get away for a few days with the basics and leave the caravan behind.

Exploring the Mediterranean aboard a SeaDream Yacht Club cruise goes far beyond the normal cruise ship routes, writes MICHAEL OSBORNE.

A mid-week break in Stanthorpe is not just about apples and wine. RAE TAYLOR discovers a whole new world to be explored in the border country

At this time of the year as red dust rises with the great exodus of grey nomads, BEV EVERSON reminisces about her stay in the Kimberley

Horse riding in the wilds of southern Mexico rings of a frontier adventure even, as BRUCE McMAHON discovers, when you end up face down.

Considering a driving tour of Tasmania? Grey nomad BEVERLEY EVERSON describes what to expect of a Bass Strait crossing on the Spirit of Tasmania II.

With an improved exchange rate and dropping airfares, there’s never been a better time to visit England even if it is for no other reason, suggests
DOT WHITTINGTON, than to take a wander down the Thames.

With so many Baby Boomers on the move in an age of online booking, DOT WHITTINGTON recommends using only independent, local travel agencies where consultants are not driven by commissions and still care.

Grey nomad BEVERLEY EVERSON visits the second largest national park in Western Australia in the first of a two-part series exploring Karijini.

Millstream Chichester National Park in Western Australia’s Pilbara region is truly an oasis nestled in the desert, writes grey nomad
BEVERLEY EVERSON, who ventured out on the Rio Tinto mining road from Tom Price.

Ever wondered if it’s worth stumping up a bit more for Premium Economy? RUSSELL HUNTER has your answer.

With cheap flights on offer, hundreds of Aussies are heading to the golden shores of Waikiki faster than you can say Mai Tai. JADE HARRISON suggests a five-day guide for a perfect week.

Tourism was left reeling after cyclone Winston, but as DOT WHITTINGTON reports, there are many good reasons to book your flight right now.

History abounds, much of it gruesome, along with good food and wine, as RUSSELL HUNTER spends a day exploring Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile.

Some say Kaka-don’t but grey nomad BEVERLEY EVERSON says it’s most definitely Kakadu.

Every country has its own natural beauty in one form or another. KATE DEVER gives four great reasons why New Zealand should be next on your list.

Scenic Port Lincoln is the home of legendary racehorse Makybe Diva, the seafood capital of Australia and an ideal base to explore the Eyre Peninsula, writes grey nomad BEVERLEY EVERSON.

Grey nomad BEVERLEY EVERSON recommends a stop at a tidy little free camp in South Australia to go crabbing and hear a good yarn.

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#Time magazine travel & #Video REMMONT.COM

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