Mar 13 2018

The Top 10 Types of Phone Dialer and Automated Dialing Technology

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The Top 10 Types of Phone Dialer and Automated Dialing Technology

As part of the Sales Technology Landscape, we created a category for Dialing as we believe this is an emerging and important category of technology that offers significant productivity gains to salespeople.

There are a number of different phone dialer vendors and dialing technologies available today, so we put together a brief review of the main types. We recently completed an article on the Top 15 Considerations when selecting a Phone Dialer that you may want to check out as part of this process. The focus of this review is dialing technologies that assist the sales function rather than a contact-center, support or customer care function.

Dialing Technology

1. Click-to-Call (-Me)

This term has been used interchangeably with Click-to-Dial. Today it is more commonly used today to describe a feature that requests a callback from a agent, or opens a chat window, when a person is on a website. Example vendors include Vocalocity. Ring Central and Synclio .

2. Click-to-Dial

This is an outbound call that is initiated by a single mouse-click on a phone number field in a system. This functionality is commonly enabled in CRM systems and email systems and allows the user to make a call without dialing the number. Example vendors include Skype. GoogleVoice. Vocalocity and DATEL and Cisco .

3. Preview Dialer

A preview dialer makes sequential dials from a contact list and allows the agent to ‘preview’ the contact record prior to the call, and decide if they wish to proceed with a call or move to the next contact in the list. Calls are made sequentially and the agents do not know who has answered the call. See Power Dialer for example vendors.

4. Power Dialer

A power dialer is the same as a preview dialer, where the calls are initiated by the users and not made until an agent is available. This term is more commonly used in B2B environments. Example vendors include CallFire and Five9 .

5. Progressive Dialer

A progressive dialer is similar to a preview dialer, but the system passes the call information to the agent at the same time the call is placed. The agent has a few seconds to view the call information, but is not in control of the calls and cannot typically stop the call process. Calls are made sequentially and assigned to specific agents. The agents do not know who has answered the call. Example vendors include VanillaSoft and Leads360 .

6. Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer makes a large number of calls in parallel and then routes the live call answers to the next available agent. The latency and abandonment rates of predictive dialers may result in an extended delay when the contact answers a call, or in some cases no agent being available. The agents do not know who has answered the call. Example vendors include Voicent. CallFire and Five9.

7. Live Conversation Automation

Live Conversation Automation (LCA) combines a phone dialer with live agents and rapid call-transfer capabilities to deliver guaranteed live conversations to the Caller. In a one-hour period Callers typically experience 5-8 live conversations with targeted contacts. LCA is designed for B2B environments and has the ability to differentiate and navigate Dial-By-Name Directories, operators and voicemail systems. When an agent makes a positive identification of a targeted contact, the call is transfered without noticeable delay to the Caller or contact. The agent does not speak to the contact in this process. Example vendors include ConnectAndSell and ConnectLeader .

8. Voice Broadcasting. also Guided Voicemail

A guided voicemail system, also called voicemail broadcasting, allows you to send thousands of voicemails at one time. These services are used when there is no requirement to speak directly to the recipient. Typical uses cases include announcements (invitations, warnings/alerts, new products, etc) and reminders (impending event, renewal date coming due, etc). Vendors use human agents to navigate through operators, gatekeepers and Dial-By-Name directories to guide your voicemail to the target contacts voice mailbox. Example vendors include BoxPilot. Voice Broadcasting and CallFire .

9. Auto-Dialer

An auto-dialer is used in B2C applications and is a computer that automatically dials a phone number on a list, listens for the correct tone, and then plays a pre-recorded message to a voicemail system. Auto-dialers are primarily used to to leave pre-recorded messages on voicemail systems in residences, and do not have the ability to navigate Dial-By-Name directories or gatekeepers. Example vendors include Voice2Phone and VoiceShot .

10. Inbound Call Routing, also Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

The ability to route an inbound call to a salesperson quickly and accurately is critical to avoid missed opportunities. ACD is a standard feature of most PBX systems.

These systems either work through the use of line-hunting. Caller-ID routing or burst-calling all salespeople telephone lines simultaneously. Some systems use the Caller-ID of the inbound call to route the call to the agent or salesperson assigned to that specific number if it exists in the database. If the call is from an unknown telephone number a new record is created in the CRM system and assigned to a salesperson based on area code, or similar rules.

Some systems allow several salespeople to be called simultaneously so that the inbound call is answered in the shortest possible time.

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