Aug 8 2017

The Simplest Web Design Course in Singapore by Scott Tan #web #design #and #development #courses


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When you have a web presence, you start enjoy greater visibility in the market. Your customers will notice your brand, what you offer and you have a vast outreach to new and potential clients. /// 7 CRITICAL REASONS WHY YOU NEED A WEBSITE DESIGN FOR YOUR BUSINESS /// 1. Market Expansion The Internet world has.

Get Competitive With Your Uniquely Designed Website Learn Web Design Skills with Scott Tan, a Web Design Expert and SEO Trainer who has taught hundreds of business owners, housing agents and online business owners. Do you know there are 2,267,233,742 internet users in the World? Out of these, there are 139,875,242 internet users from Asia.

Can web design really be learnt in a workshop? What if you are a layman or a non technical person with no knowledge of programming or HTML knowledge? What if you are a business owner who needs a properly designed website, or a student who wants to learn web design, or a home maker who needs to create websites to tap onto internet.

The Simplest Web Design Course in Singapore!

Learn To Create Your Own Professional Websites With Scott Tan

– Master Trainer of WordPress, Internet Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO Expert

Does any one or more of the following describe YOU?

  • You want to learn a web design course in Singapore but are afraid to learn as it is TOO COMPLICATED ?
  • Are you concerned that web design courses are too complex as you do not have programming nor HTML knowledge ?
  • Are you frustrated because you have paid a lot of money to attend various internet marketing or web design courses in Singapore but still CANNOT get started ?
  • Did you previous hire web designers who charged you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and that’s why you want to know something about web design courses ?
  • Are you worried that the web design course trainer is too technical and you would end up WASTING your $$$ ?
  • Are you concerned about the HIGH course fees charged by web design courses?
  • Are you frustrated when the class size is TOO big and you do not get personal attention from the trainer and you get lost?
  • Are you a PROCRASTINATOR who finds it hard to get started?

TESTIMONIAL BY JASLYN OW : Dear Scott, Thank you for the patience with me during the training. Being a total newbie to Web design, I was in total loss before attending your class. But you have make the class so interesting and are always attentive to us.
You are also the 1st trainer I have met who is selfless, always giving special tips out of the training topics and giving continuous guidance even after completing the full course

Would you like to learn a web design course in singapore that is :

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