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Jul 6 2017

The NEW free credit score connection to the server – Quicken Community #best #free #credit #score #site

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The NEW free credit score connection to the server does not work and errors out in Quicken 2015

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  • jwoods5000 5:37 pm PDT October 7, 2014 Reply

Sorry, but this isn’t true IN ALL CASES.

In my case, I created a quicken file (when I installed quicken) and then proceeded to do the credit report.  It worked fine.   I noticed I had setup my bank stuff incorrectly, as it was importing my kids accounts and their transactions which I did not want.  AT THAT POINT, I created a new quicken file (believing that the credit report was tied to my intuit account).  It never showed up.   I click on it, and the setup data shows up again, which yes. does result in the error.

How do you explain it not showing up after creating a new quicken file.  I didn’t change my intuit ID or my intuit password.  Should it not have just showed up?

In other words. all I did was create a new quicken file.  New quicken file, SAME intuit ID. No more credit report, and no way to GET the credit report.  They way you are describing this leads me to believe that the credit score ***should*** have showed up in the new quicken file.  IT DOES NOT.  The only thing that changed was the quicken file.  Does it have to be the EXACT same name (Because I renamed mine something different)?

Last night, while in chat with support, I asked if I should simply create a new intuit account and re install the software and use the new account to fix it.   Give it a shot, I was told.  I then installed quicken, created a new quicken file (never loaded the old one. NEW), set it up, and went to credit report.  Nope.  Authorization Error.  So in this case, it was new intuit ID, New Intuit password, New Install of Quicken, etc (Essentially, starting over from scratch).  This leads me to believe the Equifax server accepts ONE request based on your info (name, address, ss#, whatever), and after that. you are SOL.

  • rappt 6:22 pm PDT October 7, 2014 Reply

[Quicken Dan] I agree with [jwoods5000].  I am using the same quicken user ID that I loaded Quicken 2015 with.  Mine also worked fine the first time; however, I then changed the Quicken setting so that everything would go off of the Intuit ID (instead of Vault off of the old password).  I then updated my Intuit password making it stronger.  The next time I went into Credit Report I got the error.  So in my case the Intuit ID NEVER CHANGED.  It’s always been the same yet I still see the error.

  • jwoods5000 6:47 pm PDT October 7, 2014 Reply

Glad I am not the only one seeing this rappt.  It takes 20 minutes or more to get THE point across to the chat support folks what the problem actually is (as I show below).  I actually had a chat tech tell me to restart the computer in safe mode to resolve the issue.

Note:  I blanked out my actual name, and the name of the tech.  No other information has been changed.  This is a log from Oct 7, 2014.  The time difference is me repeating the same information a few more times – to save space, I removed the repeats.

[05:44:53 PM] [MY NAME]: No, this appears If I click on the credit report button.  The first time I did it, I filled out the information, and bam. credit report was showing.   As stated in my question, I noticed I was importing my kids accounts into quicken, so I created a new quicken file (to ensure their accounts wouldn’t come into quicken) and the credit report bar (below the accounts) wasn’t showing my credit score anymore and looked like I had not set it up.  I click that, fill out my information, and it results in a authorization error.

[06:00:39 PM] XXXXXX: To resolve this issue here whats’s we have to do.

[06:02:02 PM] XXXXXX: You have to restart your computer and run the system in safe mode. After that please access Quicken and try to register again.

(So, NO, that doesn’t work and I didn’t think it would.  Evidently, THIS agent thinks server issues can be solved in safe mode.  Yeah, I still have the chat log).

  • jwoods5000 4:01 pm PDT October 8, 2014 Reply

Hmmmm.  No answer.  I kind of expected Quicken Dan to say something else, but I guess we are now waiting for a future release.

What does that mean?  A future patch or a release as in Quicken 2016?

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