Dec 2 2016

The Credit Guru Credit Repair – Trusted Credit Repair Experts to Raise Your Credit Score or Fix Bad Credit #how #to #get #your #credit #score #free

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Trusted credit repair to raise your credit score

Trusted credit repair experts helping you fix bad credit and raise your credit score since 1993.  We create a personalized credit repair plan for you as well as provide you with a credit consultation for dealing with creditors

We can help you remove bad credit with our Fast Credit Repair Process

People need to raise their credit score because it determines the interest rates for their biggest purchases, like a house or a car. It’s not just those that need to fix bad credit that require credit repair, but also those with inaccurate information on their credit reports. Sometimes you need to raise your credit score because the credit bureaus – Transunion, Experian, and Equifax put someone else’s negative information on your credit report which lowers your credit score. In fact inaccurate information on a credit report is very common and can lower your credit score significantly. While there are companies that prey on consumers and give a bad reputation to the industry, the actual fact is that credit repair is an effective and legitimate way to improve your credit scores

Free Credit Repair Consultation

At the Credit Guru. we offer a free credit consultation to plan together with you the specific credit repair strategy we will use to help you raise your credit score or fix bad credit. If you do have bad credit, remember you are not alone. Many people start off their careers without understanding how the credit system works and only realize they need credit repair when they are denied for a major purchase. It can be difficult to raise your credit score because Transunion, Equifax and Experian don’t make it easy. Often they send confusing letters to you which makes it discouraging,  You can try to repair bad credit on your own but many people give up after discovering how unresponsive the credit bureaus can be.  Don t give up!  We are here for you, and have helped thousands of people since 1993 with credit repair. We understand your credit score is important and is also no reflection on you as a person. You deserve financial freedom like anyone else and we are happy to help you with our experienced and effective credit repair process. Wondering about Credit Repair? Contact us today at: (888) 528-6041 and take that first step toward higher credit scores.

Don t live with bad credit and high interest rates.

Our Credit Repair Program Raises Your Credit Scores and Leads to Your Financial Freedom

When you apply for anykind of loan, for example a car loan or mortgage, the interest rate you are offered depends almost entirely on your credit score. Low credit scores result in higher interest rates that you pay on loans and credit cards, costing you up to ten s of thousands of dollars over the years. The Credit Guru is your credit repair expert you need to take control of your credit score. With our extensive knowledge, experience, and advanced technology we ll help you raise your credit score with all 3 credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian). We work with you on a one on one basis so that we can raise all 3 credit scores to their maximum potential. We continue to see the removal of hundreds of questionable negative items from credit reports each day, and we can help you work toward the credit score you need to reach your dreams. Better credit. Better life.

Providing Credit Repair Nationwide Since 1993

Serving Clients in Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, New York and other cities.

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